1. Bears Invade WNEP-TV in Pennsylvania

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  3. Ryan Seacrest Renewed for "American Idol"

  4. Anchors Survive Meteor in the ABC News Studios

  5. Teens Caught in Joy Ride Sting

  6. RAW VIDEO: George Zimmerman Released from Florida Jail

  7. George Zimmerman Released from Jail on $150K Bond

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  11. FBI, NYPD Launch New Search in Etan Patz Case

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  13. Controversial Student, Teacher Reportedly Back Together

  14. Naked Man Protests TSA at Portland Airport

  15. Dick Clark Dead From Massive Heart Attack

  16. Fans React to Dick Clark's Death

  17. Ryan Seacrest Responds to Dick Clark's Death

  18. Webcast: Mom Murdered; Car Slams into Store

  19. Secret Service Bragged While at Brothel

  20. Snatched 3-Day-Old Baby of Slain Mom Found Alive; Person Detained

  21. Space Shuttle Discovery Makes Final Flight

  22. Gray Whale Rescue In California; Whale Gets Entangled in Fishing Line Off Coast of San Onofre

  23. Webcast: Secret Service Scandal; Michelle Obama Prom Picture

  24. Cute Baby Caught Doing Pull-Ups

  25. Tupac Alive at Coachella, Performs with Snoop Dogg

  26. Extreme Weather 2012: Heat and Tornadoes

  27. Solar Flare 2012 Video

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  29. Secret Service Scandal: President Calls for 'Thorough, Rigorous' Investigation

  30. Five Dead in Oklahoma Tornadoes

  31. Loyal Dog Stays by Fallen Companion

  32. Michelle Obama Appears on The Colbert Report

  33. Webcast: George Zimmerman Charged; IRS Budget Cuts

  34. Anderson Cooper Giggles on Live TV

  35. George Zimmerman Booked and Charged With Murder

  36. North Korea Missile Launch Believed to Be Ready to Go

  37. California Black Bear Hits Suburban Yard

  38. Indonesia Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Watch After 8.7 Magnitude Tremor Strikes Near Sumatra Island

  39. Webcast: George Zimmerman's Lawyers Quit

  40. Sherri Shepherd Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

  41. UCLA Admissions Office Mistake

  42. Rick Santorum Calls it Quits

  43. Alternative Surgery Options

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  45. March Job Report to be Released

  46. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Going Out?

  47. Man Shoots Himself in the Heart With a Nail

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  51. Dress for Success

  52. Easter 2012 Toy Ideas

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  55. Kevin Smith - "Tough Sh*t"

  56. National Something On a Stick Day 2012

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  58. Man Gets Stuck in Mud

  59. 'Obamacare': Supreme Court Justices Skeptical Affordable Health Care Act Challenge Will Be Delayed

  60. Lady Gaga Without Makeup

  61. Webcast: James Cameron's Ocean Adventure

  62. Amway Arena Demolition

  63. Webcast: Whitney Houston Coroner Report

  64. Kim Kardashian Attacked with Flour

  65. Possibly the World's Smallest Puppy

  66. Webcast: Apache Crash; Girl Scout Cookies

  67. Million Hoodie March Held in Honor of Trayvon Martin

  68. Webcast: Pink Slime Update

  69. Tree Falls Down on House

  70. French Police Raid House in Toulouse in Search for Gunman

  71. Webcast: Trayvon Martin Killing Investigation

  72. Webcast: Solar Flare 2012; Doritos Taco Bell

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  76. Pig Racing in Texas

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  79. Snooki Gets Pregnant

  80. Webcast: Cruise Ship Arrives in Seychelles

  81. Midwest Tornado Aftermath: Death Toll Rises

  82. Webcast: Leap Year 2012

  83. Gay Marine Kissing Boyfriend Goes Viral

  84. Freedom's Sisters: Celebrating Black History Month

  85. Mitt Romney Wins Michigan and Arizona

  86. Webcast: Cruise Ship Stranded; Live Polar Bear Cam

  87. Daytona 500 Race: Danica Patrick Crashes

  88. Angelina Jolie Leg Travels the World

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  109. Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Could He Become Pope?

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  111. Possible Adele Sex Tape

  112. The Colbert Report to Resume Taping

  113. Avalanche in Washington Kills 3 Skiers

  114. New York Times Reporter Anthony Shadid Dies in Syria

  115. ICE Agent Shot Dead at California Federal Building

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  117. Man Suffers Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

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  127. Josh Powell Allegedly Hit Sons With Hatchet Before Blast

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  141. Webcast: Mitt Romney Wins Florida; David Letterman 30th Anniversary

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  143. Baby Born in Iowa Weighs Nearly 14 Pounds

  144. Pat Sajak Admits Hosting Wheel of Fortune Drunk

  145. Incredible Ball Boy Catch at Australian Open 2012

  146. Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney Trade Jabs at GOP Debate

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  148. National Blueberry Pancake Day 2012

  149. Vinita Nair Gives Birth to Boy

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  151. McDonald's Busiest During Midnight and 5 a.m.

  152. Greg Kelly Accused of Rape, Son of New York Police Commissioner

  153. Chinese Soldiers Play Hot Potato

  154. Webcast: Somalia Raid; Gisele Bundchen Earnings

  155. Baby Born on Texas Highway, Dad Films While Drives

  156. Northern Lights 2012: Canada, Norway and Northern England

  157. Navy SEALs Raid in Somalia Frees American

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  159. Better Place Electric Cars

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  161. Most Cheat-Worthy Celebrities

  162. Sarah Burke Dead at 29 After Skiing Accident

  163. President Obama Sings Al Green Let's Stay Together

  164. Wildfire Near Reno Destroys More Than 20 Homes

  165. Painting Squirrel Winklehimer

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  167. Webcast: Italy Cruise Ship Sinking; Wikipedia Goes Offline

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  170. Cruise Ship Sinking in Italy; 6 Bodies Found

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