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Published on May 18, 2013

A new video clip shows the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria executing a group of eleven Syrian soldiers summary-style. The incident reportedly took place in Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour. In the video, the terrorist executing the soldiers is speaking with a Saudi accent.

Recently, other footage circulated on the internet showing cannibal terrorist Khalid al-Hamad, also known as Abu Sakkar, cutting out an organ of a Syrian soldier and biting into it.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Franklin Lamb, human rights and international lawyer, about this issue.
As a new video is published showing fighters of the Al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front in Syria executing 11 men they say are Bashar Assad's soldiers, Obama talks to Turkey's Erdogan, renewing threats of action against the Syrian government.
The video, which was posted on YouTube on Thursday, is believed to have been filmed in the eastern Deir-al Zor province and appears to date from some time in 2012, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group with a network of activists in Syria.

The footage shows the commander, his face obscured in a black balaclava, shooting each prisoner in the back of the head as they kneel blindfolded lined up in the sand.

The Islamic militants shout "God is great" each time a man is shot. In some cases the executioner comes back and fires more bullets to make sure they are dead. The Al Nusra Front, which is thought to be behind the footage, has links to Al-Qaeda, and itself has ended up on America's terrorism list in December 2012.

Rami Abderrahman, the head of the Observatory, told Reuters that the Al Nusra Front has been releasing several videos of their gruesome operations.

The Observatory said that such videos have become increasingly common in Syria's bloody civil war, which has now claimed 80,000 lives, according to latest UN estimates.

The Nusra video is the second to appear online in the last two days to show executions by fighters who claim links to al-Qaeda.
It comes after horrific footage was released on Sunday of a Syrian rebel commander apparently eating one of the lungs of a dead government fighter. Time magazine said they had first seen the footage in April and identified the man as Khaled al-Hamad. Hamad admitted to the magazine that he had mutilated the corpse of the soldier as an act of revenge for allegedly defiling a naked woman and her daughter.

The footage was swiftly condemned by the Syrian opposition.

Nadim Houry of Human Rights Watch told the Guardian that it is "not enough for Syria's opposition to condemn such behavior or blame it on violence by the government. The opposition forces need to act firmly to stop such abuses."

But Hamad, who is also known as Abu Sakkar, has also received support amongst the more hardline rebels in Syria. Sakkar's supporters often make portraits of him with the inscription "We Love You".

Obama repeats warnings of a 'military option'

The controversy comes as a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minster, Tayyip Erdogan, and President Obama was held Thursday. Obama said that the US reserves the right to resort to diplomatic and military options if there is conclusive proof that Assad has used chemical weapons.

"There are a whole range of options that the United States is already engaged in... And I reserve the options of taking additional steps, both diplomatic and military, because those chemical weapons inside of Syria also threaten our security over the long term as well as our allies and friends and neighbors."

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