1. Tasul and Conrad on a snowy morning

  2. Rose-Tu's new calf explores the outside for the first time

  3. Shine meets the new calf

  4. Elephant calf meets big brother Samudra

  5. Oregon Zoo Media Conference regarding baby elephant

  6. Asian elephant calf Tue. Dec. 4

  7. Fun with wood chips

  8. Sleeping elephant calf

  9. Rose-Tu's calf - one day old

  10. Rose-Tu and her new calf

  11. Rose Tu Waiting

  12. ZooLights 2012 30-second spot

  13. ZooLights 2012 15-second spot

  14. Pending Pachyderm

  15. Silver Spot Butterfly Time Lapse

  16. Zoo Camp Video (Updated)

  17. Core Values - 30 second spot

  18. Happy, Splashy, Elephants

  19. Sunset at the Zoo!

  20. Packy the Asian Elephant Float and Grand Marshal - Portland's Rose Festival

  21. Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade - Packy as the honorary grand marshal

  22. Reticulated giraffes Bakari and Riley meet for the first time.

  23. Bowling for Rhinos 2012

  24. Oregon Zoo Core Values

  25. Packy's turning 50

  26. Zoo Brew 2011

  27. Packy's 50th birthday teaser

  28. Animal tracks at Oxbow Regional Park

  29. Beavers at Smith and Bybee Wetlands

  30. Up close to nature at Smith and Bybee Wetlands

  31. Snow Day 2012

  32. Packy50fifteensecond.mp4

  33. Packy50thirtysecond.mp4

  34. Western Pond Turtle Conservation

  35. Leopard Valentines

  36. Super Bowl Predictions with Orangutans from the Oregon Zoo

  37. Hedgehog Day at the Oregon Zoo 2012

  38. Palus: Kitten to cat in 16 months

  39. ZooLights 2011

  40. ZooLights 2011

  41. ZooLights 2011 - short

  42. New Cheetahs join Oregon Zoo

  43. Tiger birthdays on Halloween

  44. Elephants squish giant pumpkins

  45. Oregon Zoo Leopard gets a new car

  46. Cougar cub Palus: One year

  47. Samudra's birthday

  48. Oregon Zoo Public Open House

  49. Thanks to You: A Better Zoo

  50. Caracal kittens at five weeks: Growing fast

  51. Caracal kittens at the Oregon Zoo

  52. Black bear Cubby "Father of the Year"

  53. Mother of the Year - Chinook

  54. VMC Time Lapse

  55. Rabbit Romp: Video news release

  56. Packy's birthday cake

  57. Master Plan Open House VNR

  58. St Patrick's Day enrichment

  59. Orphaned black bear rescued

  60. Snow2011H264

  61. New Polar Bear Toy!

  62. Valentine's Day: Video news release

  63. Orangutans Predict Super Bowl XLV With Coach Chris Sulages

  64. Asian elephant: Intersections at the Oregon Zoo

  65. 3D Thrill Ride

  66. Turkey Trot at the Oregon Zoo: Featuring Elvis

  67. Cougar cub Palus playing

  68. ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo

  69. Penguin Parade! Penguins Move to Polar Bears (temporarily)

  70. Cougar Cub on Exhibit

  71. Newborn cougar cub at the Oregon Zoo

  72. Orphaned cougar cubs given temporary home at Oregon Zoo

  73. Oregon spotted frogs released into the wild

  74. Caracal and Dwarf Mongoose

  75. Samudra's 2nd Birthday Party

  76. Red Ape Reserve Construction: Episode 4

  77. Samudra's birthday preview

  78. One Ton Samudra

  79. Bears and Dinosaurs Music Video

  80. Staying cool at the zoo

  81. Fourth of July animal enrichment activities

  82. Elephants Receive Enrichment Tree

  83. There Goes The Neighborhood (30_sec)

  84. Bowling For Rhinos At The Oregon Zoo

  85. There Goes The Neighborhood

  86. New Cougar At The Zoo

  87. Cougar Web Video 2

  88. New Cougar At The Oregon Zoo

  89. River otter: Video news release

  90. Rescued river otters

  91. Dinosaur b-roll from the Oregon Zoo

  92. Prehistoric Predators: Dinosaurus at the Oregon Zoo

  93. Hippo Birthday

  94. New Black Bears At The Oregon Zoo

  95. Prehsitoric Predators Dinos being installed at the Oregon Zoo

  96. Chendra Meets Giganotosaurus

  97. Dinosaurs Arrive VNR

  98. Wild dogs playing

  99. Spring break at the zoo