1. Climate change: Fact or fiction?

  2. The resignation of David Petraeus

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  5. Peter Frampton performs on "CBS This Morning: Saturday"

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  9. Peter Frampton performs on "CBS This Morning: Saturday"

  10. The Dish with Chef Marc Forgione

  11. Peter Frampton on "CBS This Morning: Saturday"

  12. Possibility of bipartisanship?

  13. Computer check revealed evidence of Petraeus affair

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  15. Hoping a "fiscal cliff" deal can be made

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  17. General David Petraeus resigns as head of CIA

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  24. Petraeus' career with the CIA

  25. William and Kate attend alma matter dinner

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  27. CIA Director David Petraeus resigns

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  29. High-speed chase ends tragically

  30. Kardashian sisters bring fashion line to U.K.

  31. Picasso sells for $41 million

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  35. Sears gets jump on Black Friday

  36. Man arrested for too many 911 calls

  37. Thief steals puppies from pet store

  38. Grad student helps deliver baby at bus stop

  39. Gas rationing begins in New York City

  40. Boehner: Fiscal cliff is Obama's "moment" to lead

  41. DNA tests could clear tennis umpire of murder

  42. Something stinks in downtown Portland, Oregon

  43. Clinton: Late Amb. Stevens an "inspiration"

  44. Man's tattoo threatens cop

  45. Daniel Day Lewis congratulates "Obama chair"

  46. Deer crashes into yogurt shop window

  47. Iraq veteran writes note to younger self

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  49. Giffords attends Loughner sentencing

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  55. President to talk about gov't fiscal crisis

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  58. Malala Yousufzai making progress, reads get well cards

  59. "Twilight" fans camp out for "Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2"

  60. Massive diamond expected to fetch up to $25M at auction

  61. 21-year-old poses as high school student athlete

  62. Indiana state senator calls for Marijuana decriminalization

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  65. The ultimate survival truck

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  71. Syrian president says he will not leave country

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  74. James Brown: Colts look good for playoffs

  75. Nor'easter hits one week after Sandy

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  78. China to choose new government

  79. Young girl a football star in the making

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  81. Nor'easter: The latest update

  82. Headlines: Giffords to attend Loughner sentencing

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  94. Wa. legalizes recreational use of marijuana

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