1. Alaska National Guard: Keeping Guardsmen Fit with Crossfit

  2. Counter IED Training

  3. Behind the Boom: Ammo Airmen Provide Firepower

  4. Riot Control Training

  5. RIMPAC 2012 - Urban Warfare Training

  6. RIMPAC 2012 - Culminating Amphibious Assault

  7. In The Fight: Episode 65 - HD 1080P

  8. London 2012 Volunteers

  9. Camp Adventure

  10. IMCOM Salutes Team USA & US Army Olympians

  11. CASF: Sending Heroes Home

  12. A Leaner, More Affordable NATO

  13. Why We Serve: Spc. Helen Jeschow

  14. Why We Serve: SFC Nadine Grella

  15. Why We Serve: Sgt. Manuel Salais

  16. Seat Chop Mechanics

  17. Arkansas National Guard Provides Wildfire Support

  18. PRT Rifle

  19. Afghanistan's Heart of Marble

  20. Shoulder to Shoulder

  21. Fort Bragg Shooting Press Conference, June 28

  22. AFSPC Firefighters Start a Fireline at Academy

  23. Colorado Wildfire Footage

  24. Waldo Canyon Wildfire Containment Efforts

  25. In The Fight: Episode 64 - HD 1080P

  26. Colorado Wildfires

  27. This Is My Life - Lance Cpl. Geoffrey West, Part 3

  28. This Is My Life - Lance Cpl. Geoffrey West, Part 2

  29. NATO Secretary General Addresses Shooting Down of Turkish Aircraft by Syria

  30. NATO Secretary General Q&A Regarding Turkish Aircraft Shot Down by Syria

  31. Piracy: The Human Cost

  32. Rebuilding Sharana Road

  33. High Park Fire, Colorado

  34. 215th ASMC Go Through the Gas Chamber

  35. High Park, CO. Fires, Close Up

  36. Coast Guard and Los Angeles Baywatch Conduct Training

  37. High Park Fire, Colorado

  38. Marine Week Cleveland Tackles Cleanup at Community Center

  39. Times Square Army Birthday Celebration

  40. This is My Life - Lance Cpl. Geoffrey West

  41. Ghazni Governor Visits Embattled Farmers

  42. Pistol and Rifle Qualification, and FBI "T" Shoot

  43. Clearing the Road

  44. Soldiers Jump Out of C-17

  45. Afghanistan's First 3D Animator

  46. Secretary of the Navy visits Utah Beach

  47. Battery Marines Keep Delaram Safe

  48. Women Entrepreneurs in Afghanistan

  49. In The Fight: Episode 63 - 1080P HD

  50. Keeping Our Honor Clean: WES Team

  51. Keeping Our Honor Clean: PRP Marines

  52. Keeping Our Honor Clean: 1st MLG (Fwd) NCOs

  53. Kellie Pickler Gives a Shout Out to the Troops

  54. F-16 Crew Chiefs

  55. Afghanistan's Hope Through Education

  56. Howitzer Live Fire Exercise

  57. Marine Pilot Returns Home for Fleet Week New York 2012

  58. Ride Along With The Geico Skytypers!

  59. Road to Chicago - NATO's Future

  60. NATO Summit - Opening Remarks

  61. President Obama Meets with President Karzai

  62. Missile Defense Agency - FTM-16 E2a Flight Test

  63. The Final Production F-22 Raptor

  64. Marines Split Medals with Army

  65. 2012 Warrior Games Shooting, Olympic Training Center

  66. 2012 Warrior Games - Sergeant Major of the Army

  67. F-22 Raptor Footage

  68. President Obama Visits Bagram, Afghanistan

  69. President Barack Obama Speech in Afghanistan

  70. Connecting Future Ground Troops

  71. Operation Jaws

  72. SFC Kelvin Rodriguez Looks Back

  73. Pacific Armies Strengthen Ties During Medical Conference in Bangkok

  74. Attack on FOB Whitehouse

  75. In The Fight: Episode 62 - 1080P HD

  76. Female Engagement Team Overview

  77. Civil Affairs Reservist Aid Afghans

  78. Space Shuttle Discovery over Jefferson Memorial and Joint Base Andrews

  79. Hero to Hero

  80. Smugglers shoot out on water

  81. Two smuggler boats intercepted

  82. Police and Soldier Partnership

  83. Aircraft tracks go fast boat to village

  84. Drug plane crash landing

  85. Drug boat crashes into village

  86. Afghan Security Forces Operations in S. Kandahar

  87. In The Fight: Episode 61 - 1080p HD

  88. High speed pursuit of drug boat collision

  89. Beached smugglers shoot out with Coast Guard

  90. Hoards of smugglers unload mass amounts of drugs

  91. Drug plane crashes, drugs removed

  92. Weapons Platoon Adapts, Overcomes in Southern Helmand

  93. 689th Route Clearance

  94. Southwest Asia's Dentist Has Special Guest

  95. Marines Go Green

  96. Marines Train in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

  97. Moscow, Ohio Tornado Recovery

  98. FET 12-1 Members Say Farewell to Friends, Family

  99. Iwo Jima Ceremony, Part 3