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  1. Romney Would Knock the Wind Out of Iowa's Economy

  2. The Mitt Romney Middle Class Under the Bus Tour Hits Alexandria Virginia

  3. "Blatant" - Obama for America TV Ad

  4. Pickpocket :30 TV ad

  5. Corporations Are Bad People

  6. Romney Refuses To Answer For Tax Avoidance Scheme He Oversaw

  7. Bush Treasury Secretary: Romney's Economic Plan An "Empty Bag"

  8. Dubious

  9. The New Tax Calculator: President Obama's Plan vs. Mitt Romney's


  11. Planned Parenthood Is 'Murder For Hire' - N.C. Rep. Pittman

  12. Benefits of Contraceptive Use in the United States

  13. Faces of Change: "Our Jobs Come from the Wind."

  14. Chick Fil America

  15. Romney Won't Answer For His Middle Class Tax Hike

  16. Hate a Gay, Eat Processed Chicken (aka Chick-Fil-A) Appreciation Day

  17. Harry Reid: "Mitt Romney Didn't Pay Taxes for 10 Years"

  18. "Stretch" - Obama for America TV Ad

  19. Millionaire Nick Hanauer and Fox News Neil Cavuto

  20. Didn't Build That

  21. Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

  22. "Worried" - Obama for America TV Ad

  23. President Obama on Mitt Romney's Tax Plan

  24. 'Kiss My Ass!' Romney Spokesman At Polish Holy Site

  25. Oops: Romney Praises Poland's Economy But...

  26. James O'Keefe CAUGHT Deceptively Editing Video

  27. Mitt Romney Spokesman: 'Kiss My A--' - Rick Gorka Tells Reporters to 'Shove It' in Warsaw, Poland

  28. Welcome to the 21st Century: Democrats Add Gay Marriage to Party Platform

  29. Busted: Mitt Romney Edited NAACP Video, Boos Become Applause

  30. 100 Days

  31. Is Mitt Romney Ready To Be Commander-in-Chief?

  32. Call Me Maybe - 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team

  33. Weekly Address: The House of Representatives Must Act on Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

  34. "I Believe" - Obama for America TV Ad

  35. #RomneyShambles

  36. "Women's Choices" - Obama for America TV Ad

  37. 'Anglo-Saxon Heritage' Remark By Romney Adviser

  38. Obama: AK-47s are for soldiers, not criminals

  39. Romney Won't Reveal What He's Hiding In His Tax Returns

  40. Carole King Supports President Obama - Join Rural Americans for Obama

  41. Romney accidentally hails Obama's outstanding job creation record

  42. American Crossroads: Deliverance (A DC Douglas Tweak)

  43. Zach Wahls Supports President Obama

  44. "Always" - Obama for America TV Ad

  45. "The Choice" - Obama For America TV Ad

  46. Stephanie Cutter: President Obama's Fight for Small Businesses

  47. [Deleted Video]


  49. The Last Word - Rush Limbaugh's racist advice to Romney

  50. Canada Crushing America In...

  51. Mitt Gets Worse: Julie Goodridge

  52. What Does "Retroactively Retired" Mean?

  53. Romney Rep Melts Down On TV

  54. Obama's Brilliant Campaign Against Romney

  55. Even Republicans Agree: Mitt Romney's Hiding Something

  56. Obama for America TV Ad: "Makes You Wonder"

  57. Pants on Fire

  58. Willard Mitt Romney, The 6 Billion Dollar Liar

  59. Beyoncé's Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama

  60. Elizabeth Warren Crushing Scott Brown in Fundraising

  61. Romney: 'I Don't Recall' Coming Back For Mass. Meetings

  62. Mitt Romney Says He Wasn't At Bain, But Thinks It's Fair To Take Credit For Jobs Created Anyway

  63. Weekly Address: It's Time for Congress to Pass the Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

  64. Jesus' Gay Marriage Sing Along!

  65. President Obama in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The McLaughlins and Middle-Class Tax Cuts

  66. Mitt Romney: Asking for Apologies While Launching Attacks

  67. Your Turn

  68. Obama for America TV Ad: "Firms"

  69. Tax The Rich or Cut Food Stamps?

  70. Romney VS Biden NAACP Speech

  71. [Deleted Video]

  72. Mitt Romney's $ecret $tash

  73. Obama for America TV Ad: "Two Plans"

  74. Fox News Profanity Hypocrisy?

  75. Vice President Biden's Full Remarks at the 2012 National Council of La Raza Annual Conference

  76. Obama for America TV Ad: "Troubled"

  77. Ben LaBolt: Mitt Romney's Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Returns

  78. MSNBC Stages 'Re-enactment' Of Romney Fundraiser

  79. Does Mitt Romney Have a Koch Problem?

  80. The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...

  81. Lucas, Iraq War Veteran from Iowa, Supports President Obama

  82. MSNBC False Edit of Romney Immigration Stance?

  83. Joe Walsh Loses It On CNN: 'Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh' (PART 2)

  84. Joe Walsh Loses It On CNN: 'Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh' (PART 1)

  85. Do you have an offshore bank account?

  86. America the Beautiful

  87. Obama For America TV Ad - "Believes"

  88. Mitt Romney: Everyone Deserves a Fair Shot if They Can Afford It

  89. Campaign In 100 Seconds: "What Has Obama Ever Done For Us?"

  90. Ferhnstrom: Mandate is a Penalty, Not a Tax

  91. Romney Spokesman: Mandate Is A Penalty

  92. Weekly Address: An All-Hands-On-Deck Approach to Fighting the Colorado Wildfires

  93. Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare - Conservative Reaction Absurd


  95. President Obama Speaks on Health Reform

  96. We're Waiting, Bill

  97. Keeping His Word: Equality for LGBT Americans

  98. Vice President Joe Biden's Speech in Waterloo, Iowa - Full Speech

  99. Obama for America TV Ad: "Revealed - OH"

  100. [Deleted Video]

  101. Supreme Court Reverses Anti-Citizens United Ruling In Montana

  102. [Private Video]


  104. America Doesn't Need an Outsourcing Pioneer in the Oval Office

  105. President Obama's Speech in Tampa, Florida

  106. Reagan's Legacy in Charts; The Plutocracy

  107. Weekly Address: Congress Must Act on Transportation Bill and Student Loans

  108. President Obama Speaks at the NALEO Annual Conference

  109. President Obama on Mitt Romney's Outsourcing of American Jobs

  110. CNN's Joe Johns Reports On Mitt Romney's Problem With Improving Economies In Key States

  111. Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney's Career of Shipping American Jobs All Over the World

  112. 1 is 2 Many

  113. Fox Pundits Dismiss Fracking Risks


  115. Mitt Romney on US Immigration Policy: Why Won't He Give a Straight Answer?

  116. Obama for America TV Ad: "Mosaic"

  117. Two Choices: President Obama Sets Out His Vision for the Economy

  118. Obama For America TV Ad: "Come And Go"

  119. Catholic nuns protest budget cuts

  120. How Emily Benefits from the Affordable Care Act

  121. Ohio Residents React to Mitt Romney's Bus Tour

  122. [Deleted Video]

  123. What We Can Learn From Iceland

  124. Weekly Address: Ending the Stalemate in Washington

  125. The Greatest Speech Ever Made

  126. Romney Economics: Bus Tour - The Middle Class Under the Bus

  127. President Obama Speaks on Department of Homeland Security Immigration Announcement

  128. Team Romneymobile

  129. Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney Blatantly Distorting the President's Record

  130. Mitt Romney: Out of Touch

  131. Fewer of Me

  132. Romney Campaign Doubles Down: Fewer Teachers, Fewer Firefighters, Fewer Police Officers

  133. Obama For America TV Ad: "Number One"

  134. Gingrich: Deficit Spending Means Fewer Teachers

  135. Newt Gingrich: Romney's Plan Means Fewer Teachers

  136. Mitt Romney Criticizes President Obama For Wanting To Hire More Police, Firemen and Teachers

  137. Romney Economics: Fewer Teachers, Fewer Firefighters, Fewer Police Officers

  138. President Obama Holds a Press Conference on the Economy

  139. Obama For America TV Ad: "Jobs"

  140. Romney Defeats Obama Campaign In May Fundraising

  141. Redneck History Of America

  142. Stephanie Cutter: The Romney Campaign's Double Standard

  143. We've Heard it All Before - Obama for America Television Ad

  144. White House White Board: Refinancing

  145. Sarah Jessica Parker: "That Guy" - Obama for America Television Ad

  146. State's Rights: A Raw Deal

  147. Weekly Address: It's Time for Congress to Get to Work

  148. First Lady Michelle Obama Answers Your Twitter Questions

  149. Romney Irrational Religion an Election Issue?

  150. Romney Economics: Republicans on Romney's Massachusetts Record

  151. Broken Promises: Romney's Massachusetts Record

  152. PPAF "Out of Touch"

  153. Mitt Romney: Little to Like

  154. Two Republican Nominees

  155. Sheriff Scams Sacramento Out of Jail Money?

  156. Tony Soprano Explains Bain Capital

  157. Kansas Giving Rich Another Tax Cut #TaxTheRich

  158. [Deleted Video]

  159. [Deleted Video]

  160. [Deleted Video]

  161. [Deleted Video]

  162. [Deleted Video]

  163. [Deleted Video]

  164. Why Bain Matters

  165. Hot Air: Fox's Wind Energy Myths

  166. Who Spends More: Democratic Or Republican Presidents?

  167. Romney: "We Gave Our Schools Over To The Teacher's Unions"

  168. Republicans vs. Romney's Record


  170. [Deleted Video]

  171. President Obama and the Fight for LGBT Rights

  172. [Private Video]

  173. Personal - Obama for America 2012 Television Ad

  174. Sacred Trust - Obama for America 2012 Television Ad

  175. Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime - Episode #249

  176. President Obama Holds a Press Conference

  177. Mitt Romney: Not a Job Creator

  178. President Obama on Creating an Economy Built to Last

  179. Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad

  180. Mitt Romney: "I stand by what I said, whatever it was."

  181. Birther Madness in Arizona: The Movie!

  182. Liberals Intolerant of Anti-Gay Boxer, Manny Pacquiao?

  183. Obama Reduced Taxes, Spending and Deficits - Romney Refuted By Facts

  184. Nick Hanauer

  185. Dorothy Cooper and the new Tennessee voter law - visit for your state's information

  186. Stephanie Cutter: Get the facts on Karl Rove's BS

  187. Romney Mitt, the Demon Barber of Wall Street - Roy Zimmerman

  188. [Deleted Video]


  190. Heads or Tails

  191. [Deleted Video]

  192. Watch President Obama's Commencement Speech at Barnard College

  193. Crazy Dog

  194. "Congratulations Mitt Romney!" - War On Women Part 2

  195. Robert Reich: Public vs. Private Morality

  196. Steel

  197. Romney Economics: Bankruptcy and Bailouts at GST Steel

  198. Scott Walker says he wants to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin

  199. Tim Carney & Tamron Hall Throw Down

  200. Mitt Romney: Backwards on Equality