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  1. Prime Time's out-of-this-world drink

  2. Apple a day keeps hangover away

  3. Mix pear juice and London spirit for perfect drink

  4. Enjoy cosmic cocktail made from blueberries, cranberry juice and vodka!

  5. Prime Time's Beer Day special: Favourite drink with a fruit twist

  6. Putin's amazons are the magic ingredient in Prime Cocktail.

  7. Pinocchio style cocktail for kids & adults

  8. Stay refreshed in summer sun with Prime Cocktail

  9. Our cocktail for gamers to reach next level!

  10. Kick start the weekend with our news-flavoured cocktail!

  11. Stay cool as a cucumber this weekend with our vegetable-ban flouting Prime Cocktail!

  12. Gave up smoking? Have a cocktail!


  14. Cocktail query from Prime Time's mixologist

  15. Cold-Shower Courage: Cocktail of ice, vermouth & hibiscus

  16. Toast vodka like a true Russian - with Prime Cocktail

  17. Our cocktail will get you in the mood for the May Day holiday.

  18. If you've survived 7 weeks of lent, celebrate with our champagne-and-gin cocktail!

  19. Enjoy a raspberry spring punch in Moscow!

  20. Blast off to City Space Bar with Gagarin Cocktail

  21. Birch juice mojito - with a fool's day surprise

  22. Feel on top of the world with our Earth Day cocktail!

  23. Raise a Glass-nost to Gorby for his 80th!

  24. Holy water cocktail to survive Lent

  25. Discover Italy with Prime Time's alco-wonder

  26. Prime Time's love-potion for your Valentine

  27. Celebrate endless summer with creamy cocktail!

  28. We mix booze and big bucks

  29. Pick-me-up drink from cocktail wizard

  30. Recover from New Year with our berry cocktail!

  31. Get into the New Year spirit - literally!

  32. RT's Christmas Mix: Calvados, honey & spices cocktail to get you merry!

  33. Wish-granting booze from Prime Time

  34. Raising glass to Russian science and space exploration!

  35. Terminator Drink: Democracy in danger

  36. Cup of tea that can get you drunk

  37. Counting-Out Drink: Keep your secret safe

  38. Party for 60 hours with our viagra drink

  39. A drink to keep all cops happy

  40. Tongue-tastic drink for space cadets

  41. Survive Halloween hangover with our cocktail

  42. Hot solution! Citrus, honey and cinnamon in a weekly cocktail.

  43. Rich man's tears for Prime Cocktail