1. Bariatric Surgery: What Will Women Eat After The Procedure? - Dr. DeBarros

  2. Obesity: Does This Affect Women Differently? - Dr. DeBarros

  3. Bariatric Surgery: What Is This And Who Qualifies? - Dr. DeBarros

  4. Heart Disease: What Should A Woman Ask Her Doctor? - Dr. Smolens

  5. Female Risk Factor For Heart Disease: What Do They Include? - Dr. Smolens

  6. Advocate For Your Heart: Why Is This Important? - Dr. Smolens

  7. How Can Women Advocate For Their Hearts? - Dr. Smolens

  8. Lifestyle Tips To Prevent Heart Disease - Dr. Smolens

  9. Heart Disease And Women: What Is The Latest Research? - Dr. Smolens

  10. Obese Women: Why Is Their Risk For Heart Disease Increased? - Dr. Smolens

  11. Women & Men Exhibit Different Heart Disease Symptoms - Dr. Smolens

  12. Heart Disease Symptoms: Which Are Most Common In Women? - Dr. Smolens

  13. How Does Family History Increase The Risk For Heart Disease? - Dr. Starling

  14. How Can Women Begin To Discuss Heart Failure With Their Doctors? - Dr. Starling

  15. How Can Patients Manage Heart Failure? - Dr. Starling

  16. Tips To Prevent Heart Failure - Dr. Starling

  17. Will You Share Heart Failure Warning Signs? - Dr. Starling

  18. What Causes Heart Failure And The Associated Symptoms In Women? - Dr. Starling

  19. Who Treats Pulmonary Hypertension? - Dr. Skloven

  20. Primary And Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension: How Do They Differ? - Dr. Skloven

  21. How Is Pulmonary Hypertension Treated? - Dr. Skloven

  22. What Are The Pros And Cons Of IV Treatment For Pulmonary Hypertension? - Dr. Skloven

  23. Pulmonary Hypertension: How Is It Diagnosed? - Dr. Skloven

  24. Fen-Phen And Pulmonary Hypertension: What's The Connection? - Dr. Skloven

  25. What Are Common Pulmonary Hypertension Symptoms? - Dr. Skloven

  26. Pulmonary Hypertension: What Do Women Need To Know? - Dr. Skloven

  27. Tips For Discussing Pulmonary Hypertension With Your Doctor - Dr. Skloven

  28. How Has Pulmonary Hypertension Treatment Changed? - Dr. Skloven

  29. Banner Heart Hospital: Why Should Patients Come Here? - Dr. Skloven

  30. Women's Hearts: Why Are You Advocating For Others? -- Patient Carol

  31. Heart Disease: Why Are Women Ignoring The Symptoms? -- Patient Carol

  32. Advocate For The Heart: Why Should Women Take An Interest? -- Patient Carol

  33. Following Bypass Surgery: How Do You Remain Active? -- Patient Carol

  34. Heart Disease: What Were Your Symptoms? -- Patient Carol

  35. Heart Bypass Recovery: How Was This Experience? -- Patient Carol

  36. Healthy Living: What Changed After Triple Bypass Surgery? -- Patient Carol

  37. David Valenzuela, MD, Family Medicine- Gilbert, AZ

  38. Sirisha Puppala, MD, Family Medicine- San Tan Valley, AZ

  39. Dorin T. Popa, MD, Family Medicine- San Tan Valley, AZ

  40. Quynh Giao Le, MD, Family Medicine- San Tan Valley, AZ

  41. Diem-Thuy Kahlon, D.O., Family Medicine- Gilbert, AZ

  42. Tiffany N. Graybill, D.O., Internal Medicine- Mesa, AZ

  43. Jacqueline May Carter, MD, Internal Medicine- San Tan Valley, AZ

  44. Cholesterol Lowering Medications, What Are The Side Effects? - Dr. Lyle

  45. Niacin, What Should People Know About This Medication? - Dr. Lyle

  46. CRP And Homocysteine Inflammation Markers, How Do They Relate To Coronary Artery Disease? - Dr. Lyle

  47. Lowering Cholesterol, Is Medication The Best Option? - Dr. Lyle

  48. High Cholesterol Levels, Do Genetics And Lifestyle Contribute? - Dr. Lyle

  49. Cholesterol Levels, How Often Should They Be Checked? - Dr. Lyle

  50. Managing Cholesterol, Will You Share Some Tips? - Dr. Lyle

  51. Unhealthy Cholesterol, How Is This Treated? - Dr. Lyle

  52. Once Diagnosed With Unhealthy Cholesterol, How Can A Woman Advocate For Herself? - Dr. Lyle

  53. Good And Bad Cholesterol, Will You Describe Them? - Dr. Lyle

  54. Cholesterol, What Should Women Know? - Dr. Lyle

  55. Heart Arrhythmia: How Can Women Advocate For Their Heart Health? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  56. Irregular Heart Rhythm Diagnosis And Testing 101? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  57. Hormones And Irregular Heart Beats: What's The Connection? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  58. How Does The Heart Work? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  59. Fainting: Is This A Serious Symptom? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  60. Most Common Heart Rhythm Problems? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  61. Irregular Heart Rhythm Symptoms For Women? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  62. Banner Heart Rhythm Center: Why Is This A Great Facility? -- Dr. Andrew Kaplan

  63. How To Diagnose Coronary Artery Disease? - Dr. Kahlon

  64. What Is The Connection Between Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease? - Dr. Kahlon

  65. Heart Disease: Why Does Pain Sensation Differ? - Dr. Kahlon

  66. Aches And Pains: Why Your Doctor Needs To Know? - Dr. Kahlon

  67. How Does Menopause Increase Coronary Artery Disease Risk?- Dr. Kahlon

  68. What Are Heart Attack Symptoms? - Dr. Kahlon

  69. High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: What Women Need To Know- Dr. Kahlon

  70. What Are Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors? Dr. Kahlon

  71. Can Red Rice Yeast Replace Statin Therapy? - Dr. Kahlon

  72. What Is the Difference Between Coronary Artery Disease and Cadiovascular Disease? - Dr. Kahlon

  73. Heart Disease: What Should Women Know? - Dr. Kahlon

  74. Banner Heart Hospital: Why Is It A Great Facility? - Dr. Kahlon

  75. What Is A Cath Lab? - Dr. Kahlon

  76. Why Is It Important For Women To Develop Good Relationships With Their Doctors? - Dr. DelGiorno

  77. Heart Disease Tests: Why Are They Different For Men And Women? - Dr. DelGiorno

  78. What Inspires You To Care For Women's Hearts? - Dr. DelGiorno

  79. How Heart Disease Symptoms: How Do They Differ From Men To Women? - Dr. DelGiorno

  80. Banner Heart Hospital: Why Is It A Great Facility? - Dr. DelGiorno

  81. How Does Estrogen Affect The Heart? - Dr. DelGiorno

  82. Hormone Replacements And Heart Health: What Should Women Know? - Dr. DelGiorno

  83. Why Do Women Need To Care For Their Hearts? - Dr. DelGiorno

  84. Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: Do These Numbers Affect The Heart? - Dr. DelGiorno

  85. Heart Disease: What Should A Woman Ask Her Doctor? - Dr. DelGiorno

  86. Advice For Postmenopausal Women On Premarin - Dr. DelGiorno

  87. "Just Wash Em" Hand washing video

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