1. Projections of the Cost of Cancer Care in 2020

  2. HPV infection and transformation

  3. NCI Director Dr. Harold Varmus Video Message to the DCLG -- July 2010

  4. NCI B-roll: Brain Radiation

  5. NCI B-roll: Prostate Radiation

  6. NCI B-roll: CT-tomotherapy

  7. NCI B-roll Robotic Prostatectomy

  8. NCI Clinical Proteomics Animation

  9. NCI Chemotherapy Suite B-roll

  10. NCI Ovarian Palpation B-roll

  11. NCI Sigmoidoscopy B-roll

  12. NCI Pap-test B-roll

  13. NCI MRI B-roll

  14. NCI Mammography B-roll (old)

  15. NCI DRE B-roll

  16. NCI Chest X-ray B-roll

  17. NCI Spiral CT B-roll

  18. Epigenetics Animation

  19. The Financial Burden of Cancer

  20. The statistics behind the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer

  21. Interview on CISNET modeling -- Dr. Eric "Rocky" Feuer

  22. Interview on CISNET modeling -- Dr. Kathy Cronin

  23. NCI Genome Wide Association Studies B-roll

  24. NCI Cancer Vaccine B-roll

  25. NCI's The Cancer Genome Atlas B-roll

  26. Normal vs Cancer Cells

  27. Nixon Signing the National Cancer Act of 1971

  28. NCI HIV imaging b-roll

  29. NCI Detection B-roll

  30. NCI Buildings B-roll

  31. NCI Lab Footage B-roll

  32. NCI Nanotechnology B-roll

  33. NCI Molecular Aspects of Cancer B-roll

  34. NCI Natural Products Program B-roll

  35. NCI Prevention B-roll

  36. NCI Proteomics B-roll

  37. NCI Treatment B-roll

  38. NCI Robotic prostatectomy B-roll

  39. Signing of Letters of Intent to Collaborate between 4 Latin American countries and NCI