1. Ski business picks up during cold snap

  2. Ski business picks up during cold snap

  3. Ski business picks up during cold snap

  4. Ice Rescue

  5. Shortage of ethnic blood in Cleveland

  6. Women in Combat Volk

  7. 6pm: Aggressive driving crackdown

  8. 6pm: Akron father in court

  9. Ice wine

  10. 5pm: Officers involved in Cleveland chase, shooting

  11. 5pm: HEAP helps local residents

  12. 5pm: Teen kidnapped, locked in abandoned home

  13. Noon: 61 officers involved in chase

  14. Noon: Police searching for Rocky River suspect

  15. Noon: Father pleads not guilty in son's death

  16. Noon: Intersection reopens after crash

  17. Thursday's afternoon weather briefing

  18. Deadly chase update

  19. 5am: Missing Parma Hts. woman found

  20. Raw: Kempton crash

  21. Natl Guard Send off

  22. NTL Guard Send-off

  23. 22 accidents on I-90 in Lake County

  24. Lorain Army

  25. 6pm: Thistledown

  26. 6pm: Working in frigid weather

  27. 6pm: I-90 back open in Lake County

  28. Rocky River Shooting 5:30

  29. Rocky River Murder; KVolk - pkg

  30. Cleaning fairy arrested again

  31. Working in the snow

  32. I-90 pileup in Lake County

  33. 4 -Year-Old Killed

  34. Wednesday Evening Weather Briefing

  35. Truck fire on I-90 in Westlake

  36. I-90 Wreck Lake Co #2

  37. I-90 Wreck

  38. Noon: Manti Te'o talks to Katie Couric

  39. Wednesday's Morning Weather Briefing

  40. Noon: 4-year-old dies after being shot in the head

  41. Noon: One dead in Rocky River shooting

  42. Noon: Deep freeze and rough roads

  43. Noon: 4-year-old child shot and killed

  44. 5am: Shooting in Rocky River

  45. 6am: Akron Ice Fest

  46. Raw: Wednesday morning snow

  47. Raw: Rocky River shooting

  48. No Ohio lawmakers plan to reintroduce bill that could mean more money for charities

  49. Homeless center in Cleveland opens daily because of cold temperatures

  50. Cold weather in Cleveland, Lake County

  51. 6pm: west side cold

  52. 6pm: Downtown Cleveland snow

  53. 6pm: Snowy on Cleveland's east side

  54. Home insulation should be evaluated once every 5 years

  55. Father of six-year-old who shot herself in court

  56. More snow on the east side

  57. St. Augustine hunger center in Cleveland

  58. Less snow on Cleveland's west side, still cold

  59. Downtown Cleveland deals with snow

  60. Cold weather and zoo animals

  61. Energy Saving Rebates

  62. Cold WX-construction workers

  63. Dad Arriagned; Edmund Benson; 6 Yr-Old Daughter Shot

  64. Noon: Father arraigned in court

  65. Snow and wind along the Shoreway

  66. Noon: State graduation rates

  67. Tuesday's afternoon weather briefing

  68. Mayfield Heights Snow

  69. Early morning wind and snow

  70. E. 9th Street Wind

  71. Raw: East 9th wind and snow

  72. Raw: Euclid Ave wind and snow

  73. Raw: Cleveland Heights fire

  74. Raw: Cleveland firefighters

  75. Mike Brown brings son's team to play in Lakewood

  76. Lake County snow piles up

  77. MLK Day Celebrated with music and stories in Lorain Library

  78. Montville Police rescue dog on icy pond.

  79. Some Redbox users park in handicap parking spots

  80. Snow shovels / removal

  81. Cleveland schools restore full day

  82. Father charged in 6-year-old's shooting death

  83. 5pm: Cleveland police officer shot

  84. Eastlake winter blast

  85. Akron math teacher Facebook post

  86. Speedway robbery, carjacking

  87. Father charged in daughter's shooting death

  88. MLK Day

  89. Cleveland officer shot

  90. Dangerous weather in NE Ohio

  91. Richland County 20+ car crash

  92. Eastlake gets lots of snow

  93. Cold temperatures along with snow

  94. Wind chills across northeast Ohio

  95. Teacher Duct Tape

  96. Snow tires vs. All-season

  97. Officer Shot Sound CLE Eastside; AddisonRd& VarianAve

  98. Officer Shot CLE Eastside; Addison Rd & Varian Ave

  99. 5am: MLK Day free events