1. TRESemme KERATIN SMOOTH : next day look

  2. My daily hair routine


  4. Indian Mahabhringaraj Oil: for my hair growth! it works for me!

  5. Got to get back to my CURLS! LOL

  6. My hair journey photos


  8. Soft and Beautiful

  9. How I'm keeping up with my hair

  10. My new style

  11. Co-wash recap

  12. Preparing for my Co wash in the morning

  13. Homemade Flaxseed Gel for natural hair

  14. ALAFEIA AUTHENTIC African Black Soap

  15. It's Friday

  16. Next day twist

  17. Shea butter twist out LOVE IT!!

  18. Video Request: Why my hair won't GROW?


  20. Out with the old 2013

  21. Curls are back!

  22. Moisture is very improtant when wearing a relax look

  23. Foam Rollers

  24. Video request: LongAid Curl Activator Gel

  25. My twist lasted 4 days

  26. CURLFORMERS on natural hair

  27. Deep Condition week 1

  28. Vatika Shampoo & Conditioner Tutorial

  29. Gooseberrys & Vatika Conditioner tutorial

  30. Vatika Cactus oil

  31. My new twist out look

  32. Two strain twist Protective style

  33. Moisturizing my hair with "Thirsty Root Apricot Castor Oil"

  34. How to make a nightly Scalp Simulator for hair growth

  35. ECO Styler Gel and Olive oil tutorial

  36. Mama Rosas CoWash tutorial

  37. My final look

  38. nuNAAT hair mask conditioner tutorial

  39. MAMA ROSA!

  40. Castor oil and iodine tutorial

  41. How I do my Afro tutorial

  42. I'm a curly girl again with nuNAAT

  43. Roller Set Tutorial without heat

  44. My Curly Girl Method of the pass

  45. What really grows our hair

  46. How I keep up with my hair

  47. nuNAAT Twist out

  48. Next day look with nuNAAT

  49. Loving my hair with nuNAAT

  50. Next day look with nuNAAT hair mask conditioner

  51. Next day twist with nuNAAT leave in conditioner

  52. LongAid gel next day look

  53. Long Aid Activator Gel


  55. Next day look with Tropical Tradition coconut oil

  56. Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Tutorial

  57. Let's Jam Custard Product Review

  58. Let's Chat

  59. Let's twist it out

  60. My hair style today

  61. Preparing my hair for a co-wash

  62. I AM MY HAIR

  63. Headed out to the health food store

  64. How to mix Castor oil and Iodine for hair growth

  65. "Hair Growth Cycle" Understanding how hair grows

  66. How to make a quick deep conditioner

  67. How to make a Mud Pack conditioner for hair

  68. Let me show you my homemade custard pudding for twist out

  69. How to uses Curlformers

  70. Curlfomers results

  71. Curlformer with water and coconut oil (tutorial)

  72. How to brush hair for stimulation hair growth

  73. Love my next day look

  74. Nightly Scalp Simulator tutorial

  75. Teenagers, this video is for some of you!

  76. How to make deep conditioner for hair growth

  77. Shedding hair needs a deep condition, under the hair dryer

  78. How to mix ECO Styler Gel with Olive oil

  79. Question on dollar store hair dyes

  80. Day two with shea butter and water

  81. Twist out with no styling gel

  82. Kinky Curly Custard & Long Aid Activator Gel

  83. Rosa's favorite hair products

  84. Back to my twist

  85. Lotta Body Texturizing Setting Lotion

  86. I'm back

  87. Curlformer and Eyebrow tutorial

  88. Three days going strong without my curls

  89. LongAid Activator Gel

  90. Olivia's Bantu Knots

  91. Eco Styler Gel and more Paul Mitchell products

  92. Paul Mitchell "The Conditioner"

  93. Morning Hair Style

  94. Forehead Facial exercise

  95. Fresh Grapefruit juice for Hair and Nail growth

  96. Next day DEVA CURL LOOK

  97. DeVa Curls Look

  98. Amla hot oil treatment for hair growth

  99. Another natural girl

  100. My morning Wet Twist Out

  101. Nurturing Hair Oil

  102. My braids

  103. Product Review Suave

  104. Suave Professionals Humectant Moisture

  105. Curly hair

  106. I will be twisting my hair every night

  107. Four essential oils I use for stimulating hair growth

  108. How I do my twist

  109. My twist out

  110. Curls Curls Curls

  111. A new Curly Girl coming soon

  112. Twist out with Lets Jam Custard

  113. Lets Jam Custard and Lori

  114. L'Oreal EverStyle Curl Defining Gel results

  115. Lori twist out tutorial

  116. Herbal Essences Curl Scrunching Gel and Spray Gel

  117. Paul Mitchell foaming pomade

  118. Do you have combination skin?

  119. My twist out results with ECO Styler Gel and Olive oil

  120. Collagen for my hair growth and much more!

  121. Mohawk Hair Style Today