1. Guitar Hero

  2. Turn Off Walker

  3. Tom's Mother's Day Message

  4. Teachers for Barrett

  5. Scott Walker says he wants to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin

  6. How to rip apart Wisconsin -- By Scott Walker

  7. Worst

  8. Momentum

  9. Walker on Jobs: "Stay the Course"?!

  10. Broken Promise

  11. Teachers

  12. Launches

  13. Ending Walker's War on Women

  14. Erpenbach

  15. Civil

  16. Vote Tom Barrett on May 8

  17. Rally for Wisconsin Jobs

  18. Fighting On Your Side

  19. Tom Barrett's Closing Remarks in the Final Debate

  20. Pill

  21. Look them in the eye

  22. Optimist

  23. Too extreme

  24. VOTE

  25. Fiscal Mess

  26. The Difference is Jobs

  27. Student Rally in Madison

  28. Fact or Fiction

  29. Fallone

  30. Scott Walker Has Not Stepped Up

  31. Scott Walker's Good Friend

  32. Tom Wins the First Debate

  33. Scott Walker Mocks Unemployed Wisconsinites

  34. Tom's Record of Economic Success: The Menomonee Valley

  35. Scott Walker's Park East: A Record of Economic Failure

  36. Scott Walker's Crisis at his County Mental Health Complex Continues

  37. Jobs vs. Rubble: Tom Barrett's Menomonee Valley & Scott Walker's Park East

  38. Tom Barrett in Oshkosh on Primary Night

  39. Stand Up

  40. Crisis

  41. Tom Barrett: Tackling the tough issues right now

  42. Janesville Jobs Now Rally

  43. Tom Barrett: Creating Jobs for Wisconsin Workers & Families

  44. Scott Walker: Enough is enough

  45. Scott Walker: Can't Trust Him With Our Money

  46. Scott Walker: Can't Trust Him to Tell The Truth

  47. Scott Walker: He'll Say Anything

  48. Standing up for Wisconsin

  49. Michael Bloomberg Endorses Tom Barrett for Wisconsin Governor

  50. Kris Barrett's Introduction of Tom Barrett At The 2010 DPW State Convention

  51. RGA Credits Tom Barrett with Bringing Jobs to Wisconsin

  52. Tom Barrett's 2010 DPW Convention Speech

  53. Tom's Plan to Create Wisconsin Jobs

  54. Tom Barrett's second TV Ad: 'Madison on a Diet'

  55. Tom Barrett's First TV Ad: 'Jobs for Wisconsin'

  56. Media Coverage of Tom Barrett's Jobs Plan

  57. Coverage of Tom Barrett's Plan to Create Wisconsin Jobs

  58. Standing up for Wisconsin

  59. The Walker Freeway Fabrication

  60. Resilience

  61. Tom's College Basketball Bracket

  62. How will you attract businesses to Wisconsin?

  63. Ask Tom - What books are you reading?

  64. Ask Tom - How can we ensure our government is both efficient and effective?

  65. Ask Tom - How can we improve Wisconsin's agricultural economy?

  66. Ask Tom - How will high-speed rail create jobs in Wisconsin?

  67. Ask Tom - How can we reform education in Wisconsin?

  68. Ask Tom - What is your position on the DNR Secretary?

  69. Ask Tom - What will you do to stop Asian Carp?

  70. Ask Tom - What have you done to create jobs?

  71. Friday Fish Fry at Serb Hall

  72. Episode 1 - Inside the Barrett Campaign

  73. Tom Barrett at the Organizing for America Office Opening

  74. Opening Remarks from Tom's State of the City Address

  75. Ingeteam Announcement

  76. Welcome

  77. Ask Tom

  78. Tom Barrett for Wisconsin

  79. Tom in Kaukauna