1. A Hamburglar Halloween

  2. Burger King Commercial Compilation (1970's-1980's)

  3. Chatroulette- Mac Tonight and Chuck E. Cheese Part 3

  4. Chatroulette- Mac Tonight and Chuck E. Cheese Part 2

  5. Advertising, Pop Culture & Mac Tonight Collection

  6. Chatroulette- Mac Tonight and Chuck E. Cheese Part 1

  7. Mac Tonight (Animatronic)

  8. Give Imhotep Your Soul!

  9. Universal Studios Hollywood- WaterWorld

  10. Universal Studios Hollywood- Jurassic Park River Adventure

  11. Chuck E. Cheese- Visalia, CA 2013

  12. 1987 McDonald's 'Mac Tonight' Lenticular Sign

  13. Mac Tonight- Clock Tower

  14. Three Stooges- "It's A Shame"

  15. 1996 Animated Crypt Keeper Prop: Cassette Audio

  16. Visalia CEC- June 10th, 2012

  17. McDonald's "Blast Back With Mac" Promotion (1989)

  18. Watch Me Draw- Meteo Crusher Pilot (Star Fox 64)

  19. Mac Tonight Compilation

  20. Mira Mesa CEC (August 26th)

  21. Mac Tonight in the Stanford Shopping Center

  22. Meet the Raisins- Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

  23. Raisins: Sold Out- "Disco Polka"

  24. Meet the Raisins- Tutti Frutti

  25. Meet the Raisins- Tears On My Pillow

  26. Meet the Raisins- Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

  27. Meet the Raisins- Shotgun

  28. Meet the Raisins- Sh-Boom

  29. Meet the Raisins- Papa Oom Mow Mow

  30. Meet the Raisins- I Heard It Through The Grapevine

  31. Meet the Raisins- Green Onions

  32. Meet the Raisins- Get A Job

  33. Meet the Raisins- Cool Jerk

  34. Meet the Raisins- At The Hop

  35. Meet the Raisins- Ain't Too Proud To Beg


  37. Burning Down The House- Video Mashup

  38. Marley & Plex

  39. Meeting Donkey at Universal Studios

  40. Visalia CEC (Dec 2010) 2

  41. Visalia CEC (Dec 2010)

  42. 80's McDonalds- Mac Tonight

  43. Wonder Wheel- Swinging Car 4

  44. Wonder Wheel- Swinging Car 3

  45. Wonder Wheel- Swinging Car 2

  46. Wonder Wheel- Swinging Car 1

  47. Wonder Wheel- First Experience 2

  48. Wonder Wheel- First Experience

  49. Dan Zanes- Wonder Wheel

  50. Rock-afire Explosion at FunZone (Long Island, NY)

  51. Mira Mesa CEC- Opposite Day

  52. Mira Mesa CEC- Disco Inferno

  53. Sun Valley CEC- Opposite Day

  54. Visalia CEC- Opposite Day

  55. Visalia CEC- Disco Inferno

  56. Visalia CEC- Colors

  57. Visalia CEC- Stand By Me

  58. Chuck E. Cheese- National City (What An Improvement!)

  59. Chuck E. Cheese- National City (Splish Splash)

  60. Chuck E. Cheese- National City

  61. Chuck E Cheese Impression- Shutup, You're Not Important

  62. CEC- Pasqually's Creepy Eye Shift

  63. Voice Impressions- Record My Ass Pt.3

  64. Voice Impressions- Record My Ass Pt.2

  65. Voice Impressions- Record My Ass Pt.1

  66. Falling Down The Stairs

  67. Andrea & Ruben- Karate Chop Action

  68. CEC- Visalia, CA

  69. CEC- Visalia, CA

  70. CEC- Visalia, CA

  71. CEC- Visalia, CA

  72. CEC- Visalia, CA

  73. Chuck E. Cheese- Visalia

  74. Chuck E. Cheese- Visalia

  75. Dingleberries.

  76. 6-Pac Being Adorable

  77. Chuck E. Cheese Voice Impressions- Two Plus You!

  78. Mira Mesa Chuck E. Cheese- Tarzan Boy

  79. Chuck E. Cheese Voice Impressions