1. Back to the Basics - Our Treasure (35 Years of "In Touch")

  2. Giving Thanks in Everything (35 Years of "In Touch")

  3. When Facing Life's Mountains (35 Years of "In Touch")

  4. The Key to Surviving the Tough Times in Life (35 Years of "In Touch")

  5. The Measure of Our Love (35 Years of "In Touch")

  6. How do you see your troubles? (Adversity - Burden or Bridge?)

  7. Thanksgiving Message 2012 (Overflowing with Gratitude)

  8. You have enough time (Prayer: Our Time-Saver)

  9. When We Feel Guilty (35 Years of "In Touch")

  10. Are you willing to go through God's process? (Wisdom for Life's Trials)

  11. You Are Forgiven (35 Years of "In Touch")

  12. Where Our Security Lies (35 Years of "In Touch")

  13. Is adversity in my life the result of something I did? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  14. What does it take for you to be satisfied? (When Plans Turn to Ashes)

  15. Trust God's plan (Victim or Victor?)

  16. Truth and Answers (Building Truth into Your Life)

  17. "What's the Answer?" - Garage

  18. God will give you a discerning spirit (The Power of a Discerning Spirit)

  19. God's prescription for our trials (Help for Our Healing)

  20. "I've made mistakes and don't feel connected to God" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  21. "What's the Answer?" - Kitchen

  22. "What's the Answer?" - Fishing

  23. Can I hang out with unbelievers and be a good witness? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  24. God still heals (The Promise to Heal)

  25. When claiming God's promises won't work

  26. Connecting with God's Spirit

  27. God promises to give wisdom

  28. Our value comes from God

  29. The Ultimate Conversation - Now Available (:30)

  30. The Ultimate Conversation - Now Available (:15)

  31. Are you living in "promise poverty"?

  32. Don't live in promise poverty (How to Claim a Promise)

  33. Is Jesus God? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  34. God will show you the way you should go (The Fulfillment of a Promise)

  35. How can you tell if someone is truly a believer? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  36. Every believer has God's magnificent promises (God's Precious Promises)

  37. God has never broken or forgotten a promise (Our God of Promise)

  38. How to receive God's forgiveness

  39. How can I trust God to do great things through me? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  40. In step with God (Listening to God - Walking with God)

  41. Why does God allow evil, pain, and suffering? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  42. The Value of Church (Together in the Christian Life)

  43. Count the Consequences (Direction Without Doubt)

  44. What does it mean to "take up my cross daily"? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  45. Can you really "Name it and Claim it"? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  46. How do you respond to opportunity? (A Passing Opportunity)

  47. We need God's POV (Acquiring Wisdom)

  48. More than expected (Obedience Always Brings Blessing)

  49. "How will I know when it's time to stop praying?" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  50. Overcome your past (Unloading Your Baggage)

  51. Getting there from here (The Road to Life at its Best)

  52. What does it mean to be 'put on a shelf' by God? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  53. "How do I start having devotions?" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  54. Can't forgive?

  55. A Dangerous Seed (Victory Over Unforgiveness)

  56. Why are there so many denominations? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  57. Self-destruct mode (Victory Over Anger)

  58. How can I have a "personal, intimate relationship" with God? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  59. Does it bother you? (Victory Over Rejection)

  60. Ever-Flowing Stream (Dr. Stanley: Through the Lens)

  61. Who's watching you? (Leaving a Godly Inheritance)

  62. Why do I suffer for Adam and Eve's sin? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  63. God cares (Victory Over Fear)

  64. When one spouse doesn't want to tithe (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  65. Feeling guilty? (Victory Over Guilt)

  66. Is it okay to feel sad? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  67. "I'm worried that a major trial is in store for me" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  68. Are you anxious? (Victory Over Anxiety)

  69. Will God make me holy? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  70. What are you living for? (Discipline Determines Destiny)

  71. There are no exceptions - don't be careless

  72. He is Risen! (Comfort from the Empty Tomb)

  73. Invitation: Sunday Night with Dr. Charles Stanley

  74. How does the Holy Spirit help us witness? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  75. The power of a father

  76. Firmly planted

  77. Made for a purpose

  78. Will God grant me my heart's desire? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  79. The only way (Why Did Jesus Have to Die?)

  80. Beware of wrong turns

  81. God's Word gives wisdom

  82. The Big Want (God Acts on Our Behalf)

  83. "How can I hear God's voice?" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  84. The believer's mission (A Heart for God - A Vision for the World)

  85. What did Jesus mean by "greater works than these"? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  86. You can't live a godly life with a closed Bible

  87. There is nothing equal to the Gospel

  88. The benefits of a disciplined life

  89. Your inner alarm (Can Your Conscience be Your Guide?)

  90. Are some Scriptures only for people of long ago? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  91. Stay the course (Staying On Track)

  92. How to have life at its very, very best

  93. God wants you to make the right decison

  94. "I lied on my resume" (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  95. How can I be sure of my calling? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  96. Go into all the world (The Reason for Our Boldness)

  97. How can I recover from my past? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

  98. Love one another (No Greater Love)

  99. Every good thing comes from God