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Q&A Session with Eddy Webb and Richard Thomas - Part 1

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Uploaded on Dec 1, 2011

Eddy Webb and Richard Thomas answer some of the questions asked by the V20 Europe fan community before the I V20 Europe Gathering. You have half an hour of information in there!

*Questions to Rich:

"You have been in charge of the art and design of V:tM for many years. Which ones are your three most favourite art pieces in the history of VtM?"
Bel, Poland.

"Congratulations for the art pictures in V20 where Caine and the beginning of the Kindred are depicted, it gets the feeling of the return to vampire mythology that made VtM so enjoyable, but somehow tight as many criticized. Then you also created 13 new amazing sterotype pictures with fans as models. How are you planning to suprise us all for V20 Companion?"
Christian, France.

"How do you decide that an artist has what it takes to contribute to the WoD artwork and maintain the top-notch level fans are used to? What do you value the most to pick a new artist: the darkness they are capable of in their artwork or their technical quality?"
Dhaunae, United Kingdom.

* Questions to Eddy:

"You can order the clanbooks on DriveThruRPG for about the same price as the ones on eBay. Are you planning on doing more PoD of old content (and maybe stuff which is new and pdf only in first place)? What do you think of the quality of those PoD products in comparison to the ones you publish yourselves?"
Bas, Netherlands.

"In your retrospective article, you mentioned your wife Michelle and how you two met each other. VtM has changed the life of many fans, which is amazing. Regardless of the CCP/WW difficulties, what are your expectations as to the future of VtM universe and fan communities? How do you see the worldwide fan community in 20 years time?"
Lorenzo, United Kingdom.

‎"Is the "Classic Monsters Redone" unofficial outlook of the World of Darkness more of an hindrance or a nice focus?"
João Mariano, Portugal.

"As far as development goes, I'm really curious about what you're doing for this Onyx Path stuff. Are we going to see more VtM products? Or is V20, the V20 Companion and SAS sort of be the end of that?"
Phil, Sweden.

As the original video from this recording had very poor quality, Eddy decided to send over just the sound track. We agreed then that the recording would be uploaded after the I V20 Europe Gathering so that the fans could still learn about the answers to their questions and the reach of the answers was bigger.

Fortunately, Ian A. A. Watson has taken the audio and put together a nice video for you to watch in the same manner as the one he recently did for "Your Game Sucks".

Ian A. A. Watson is a foreword contributor to the V20 book and he is also the V20 Europe logo designer. To learn more about him, visit: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Ian_A....

V20 Europe is the European VtM/WoD fan community:

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