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Oblivion Mods Part 1

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Uploaded on Feb 24, 2008

All can be found on www.tesnexus.com or www.planetelderscrolls.com

Mods are:

Menu Video Replacement -

Loading Screens Replacer -

Colour Map -

BTMod -

Qarl's Texture Pack 3 (Redimized) -

Illumination Within -

Real Lava -

Rens beauty pack -

Babe Hair -

Clocks of Cyrodiil -

Book Jackets -

Enhanced Water -

Natural Environments -

Music: Lonesome Boatman - Finbar Fury (iTunes)

Q. Can I get these mods for my 360/PS3 ?
A. No, PC only.

Q. What about the Wii ?
A. No, PC only.

Q. Where can I find the music ?
A. iTunes

Q. Can you email me the mp3 file?
A. No.

Q. Do all these mods across the four videos work together?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any performance issues with these mods?
A. Yes, only with QTP3, you need 512mb of vram at least.

Q. What are your specs?
A. These videos were recorded on a GTX280 with a Q6600 and 4GB of memory.

Q. What did you use to record in?
A. Fraps

Q.What's Fraps?
A. Recording software.

Q. Is it in the marketplace?
A. PC only.

Q. How do you install these mods?
A. Check the sites above.

Q. Are all mods free?
A. Yes

Q. When I go to download the mods it says I have to pay?
A. That's just premium servers on fileplanet. Scroll down to the free servers. But you do have to register and that's free.

Q.When I install a mod, it shows a yellow exclamation mark.

A. The meshes and/or textures are installed incorrectly. Reinstall, and refer to the author's readme file.

Q. What's an OMOD?
A. A file which is used with oblivion mod manager, it's an easier way to install mods instead of manually copying files.

Q. Do I need Shivering Isles?
A. Yes, but only for some.

Q. Can you email me shivering isles?
A. No.

Q. I heard that mods contain viruses. Is this true?
A. Don't be stupid.

Q. I tried these mods for Morrowind and they don't work.
A. I tried them with GTA 4 and they don't work, what's your point?

Q. Will this work on my 360 if I take out the hard drive, copy over the mods and replace the hard drive?
A. Yes, but only in your dreams.

Q. What about the Wii?
A. What about the fucking Wii?

Q. When is TES V coming out?
A. 11.11.11 or 0b11011001000000111 in Binary.

Q. At the time in oblivion there's no electricity obviously how are there clocks then? (heavily edited spelling mistakes)
A. You're right, and Mario rides on the back of a dinosaur but they've been extinct for 65 million years.

Q. Will these mods work with the Steam version?
A. Yes, and the GOTY edition, and the one with Bioshock, and the direct2drive version and the Gay and Lesbian versions.

Q. Where's Deserts of Anequina or Deadly Reflex?
A. I don't have access to your PC, so I don't know.

Q. Why is that people make hot chicks in a RPG game?
A. Cos I don't like spending 100 hours staring at a guy's ass.

Q. How many MB's in a GB
A. You can't be fucking serious.

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