1. Bus Driver Punches Woman & is Suspended After the Crime is Caught on Video In Cleveland

  2. Vice-Presidential Debate 2012 Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan, Who Won?

  3. Steve Wynn Casino Mogul Afraid of Obama's Crazy Anti-Business Programs, President Frightens Business

  4. Kid Rock, Stacey Dash like Romney Ryan, Big Bird Tells Obama to Stop Ads & AP Romney & Girl Photo

  5. Supreme Court Looking at Affirmative Action & Race in College Admissions, Fisher v. UT

  6. Kansas City Chiefs Lose to Baltimore Ravens, Winston Rips KC Fans Cheering QB Cassel Injury

  7. Romney Wins 1st Debate, Kills Big Bird & Obama Releases Fake Unemployment Numbers

  8. Michigan Lottery Winner Who Tried to Stay on Food Stamps Found Dead of a Drug Overdose

  9. Obamaphone Lady, Obama Phone Woman Says Vote for Obama to Get Free Phone From Federal Program

  10. Benghazi-Gate Obama Cover-Up of Libyan Terrorist Attack & Congressional Hearings

  11. Obama on The View, Madonna calls Obama a Black Muslim, NFL Replacement Refs Rob Packers

  12. NFL Replacement Refs Rob Green Bay Packers of Win on Monday Night Football Against Seattle Seahawks

  13. Libya Gives Militias 2 Days To Get Out Following the Death of U.S. Ambassador

  14. Obama "You Can't Change Washington From The Inside" Statement, Romney says President has Surrendered

  15. Jesus had a Wife Claims Harvard with Scholar's "Jesus' Wife" Papyrus

  16. Romney 47% Victims Comments Caught on Video at Fundraiser Released by Jimmy Carter's Grandson

  17. Kate Middleton Topless Photos, Royal Family Files Lawsuits Against French Paparazzi Nude Pictures

  18. Anti-Islam Film, Innocence of Muslims, Blamed for Anti-American Protests in Middle East says Obama

  19. Obama Doesn't Know Egypt is an Ally as Anti-American Violence Spreads Across Middle East

  20. Bank Robber Throws Money Out Window During High Speed Car Chase in LA, Video of Robin Hood Robber

  21. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Killed, Embassy in Egypt Attacked on 11th Anniversary of 9/11

  22. Chicago Teachers Strike, Unions Fail Teachers & Betray Mayor Rahm Emanuel & Obama

  23. Obama Speech at DNC Convention 2012 & Gabby Giffords, Eva Longoria, John Kerry, Joe Biden Speeches

  24. Bill Clinton Speech DNC, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren Democrat Platform Against God & Jerusalem?

  25. Michelle Obama Speech at DNC Convention 2012, Mayor Castro Gives Keynote Address in Charlotte, NC

  26. Eva Longoria Speech at DNC Convention, Michael Clarke Duncan RIP, Obama Better Off Than 4 Yrs Ago?

  27. 2016 Obama's America Movie Review, Eastwood Speech at GOP Convention & Anniversary Lady Di's Death

  28. Clint Eastwood Speech & Mitt Romney Speech GOP Convention, Rubio intros Romney for Nomination

  29. Paul Ryan Speech at GOP Convention also Condoleezza Rice & Susana Martinez, Yahoo Fires News Chief

  30. Ann Romney Speech & Chris Christie Speech at GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida

  31. Grizzly Bear Kills Photographer in Alaska & Man Dressed as Bigfoot in Ghillie Suit Killed in Montana

  32. Obama's Beer Recipe, White House Refuses to Release President's Secret Beer Recipe, Brewers Sue

  33. Lance Armstrong banned For Life, Stripped of Tour de France Titles & Dropped by Nike

  34. GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt The Head of Obama's Job Council Won't Vote for Obama, Voting for Romney

  35. Prince Harry Naked Vegas Pictures & More Nude Photos The Royal Family Uproar

  36. Newsweek Obama Article Hit the Road Barack, Navy Seals Anti-Obama Ad, Biden Squeals like a Pig

  37. Todd Akin Legitimate Rape, Augusta & Women, Tony Scott & Phyllis Diller Die, Apple Most Valuable Co.

  38. Biden Speech "Put Y'all Back in Chains" Did Biden Mean Romney Will Put Blacks Back In Chains?

  39. Olympics Closing Ceremonies London 2012 Olympic Games & Olympic Review, USA wins Medal Count

  40. Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP Running Mate

  41. DOJ Won't Prosecute Goldman Sachs in Fraud Probe/Financial Crisis, Holder's Inaction is Fraud

  42. Obama Campaign Ad Accuses Romney of Killing Woman Super-PAC Ties Mitt to Death of Ex-Employee's Wife

  43. Sikh Temple Shooting Leaves 7 Dead Including Gunman Who Was a Known White Supremacist

  44. U.S. Olympic Athletes Taxed on Medals, Marco Rubio Introduces Olympic Tax Elimination Bill

  45. Tanaholic Mom Does Photo Shoot for In Touch Magazine Patricia Krentcil Quits Tanning

  46. Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Freedom of Speech & Gay Rights for Gay Marriage, Same Sex Kiss Day

  47. Olympic Swimmer Ye Shiwen from China Wins Gold in London, Did She Cheat, Use Steroids?

  48. Olympics: London 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, News, Team USA Uniforms, Music & The Queen

  49. Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Twilight/Snow White Star Cheats on Rob Pattinson w/ Rupert Sanders

  50. Colorado Movie Massacre James Holmes Shoots & Kills People at Batman Movie

  51. Obama says"If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That" as Amonix goes Bankrupt like Solyndra

  52. President Obama Says "If You've got a Business, You Didn't Build That" Part 2

  53. President Obama Says "If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That", Cost of Government Day

  54. Amir King Khan Loses to Danny Garcia HBO Boxing Paints Garcia's Father as Racist

  55. Penn State Sandusky Investigation Proves Joe Paterno & University Covered Up Crimes NCAA Punishment

  56. San Bernardino, CA Declares Bankruptcy 3rd California City to do so & other U.S. Cities will Follow

  57. Denise Rich Renounces U.S. Citizenship to Avoid Obama Taxes & Brad Pitt's Mom Bullied by Liberals

  58. 83% of Doctors Polled Will Quit Profession Because of Obamacare

  59. $1 Million Reward for Brian Terry's Killers FBI Issues Bounty for Fast & Furious Victim

  60. Congressman Andre Carson Believes U.S. Schools should be like Madrassas & Based on the Koran

  61. Clinton says China, Russia Will Pay for Syria, US Apologizes to Pakistan, Iran Tests Missiles

  62. Steve Nash Traded to the LA Lakers in a Sign & Trade with the Phoenix Suns

  63. Double Amputee Oscar Pistorius to Run in Olympics for South Africa 1st Amputee to compete in London

  64. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West attend the BET Awards 2012

  65. Stolen Valor Act Overturned by Supreme Court Xavier Alvarez can Lie about Military Service

  66. DOJ Won't Prosecute Holder on Contempt Vote from Congress over Fast& Furious Cover-Up

  67. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are Getting Divorced

  68. Food Stamp Radio Ad Proves Obama is The Food Stamp President

  69. Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare John Roberts Supports Healthcare Law Individual Mandate a Tax

  70. Prairie Dog Plague in Utah, Town Residents Helpless Because of Federal Endangered Species Act

  71. Supreme Court Decision on Arizona Immigration Law Obama & Brewer Mixed Ruling Reaction

  72. Girls Badly Sunburned at School Because Sunscreen Use Requires a Doctor's Note

  73. New Hampshire Town asks Obama Campaign to pay for President's Visit.

  74. White Privilege Ad Campaign Seeks Racial Justice & Anti-Racism is Racist UnFairCampaign.org

  75. Karen Klein Bullied Bus Monitor Video She Won't Press Charges Part 2

  76. Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Video & Response to Teenager's Cruelty

  77. Obama Invokes Executive Privilege After Holder Found in Contempt by Congress & Brian Terry's Family

  78. Adidas Pulls Shackle Basketball Sneaker After the Shoe was Called Racist

  79. Rodney King Found Dead in a Swimming Pool LAPD Beating Victim That Sparked LA Riots Dies at Age 47

  80. Obama Uses Executive Order to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens Part 2

  81. Obama Gives Amnesty to Illegal Aliens as Reporter from The Daily Caller Interrupts President

  82. Lance Armstrong Banned from Ironman by USADA , Stripped of Tour De France Titles & Nike Drops Him

  83. Miss USA Fixed? Second Contestant says Trump's Beauty Pageant Rigged

  84. Obama Blames Bush for Deficit Says Bush Ran Up The Dinner Tab & Left

  85. Floyd Mayweather Jr asks for Emergency Release from Jail, Judge Denies & The Jerry Sandusky Trial

  86. Pacquiao Bradley Fight, Bradley Wins Over Pacman in Split Decision, The Fight Was Fixed

  87. Trucker has Skin Damage from Chronic Sun Exposure to Left Side of Face

  88. Obama Declares Private Sector is Doing Fine in the Economy

  89. Eric Holder & Rep. Issa Face-Off on Fast & Furious During Congressional Proceeding & Contempt Vote

  90. Mass. Teen Guilty in Texting While Driving Fatal Crash Gets 2 Years in Prison

  91. Bill Clinton Sabotages President Obama Campaign, Acting as Romney Surrogate & for Bush Tax Cuts

  92. Governor Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall Election, Democrats, Unions & Obama Lose

  93. Bloomberg Bans Large Sodas, Soft Drinks & Sugary Drinks in New York City; Mayor going after Popcorn

  94. Gay Superhero The Green Lantern is Gay, DC Comics Announces Gay Comic Book Hero

  95. John Edwards Not Guilty & The Judge Declares a Mistrial, Hung Jury

  96. California 9/11 License Plate Fund Raided by State Politicians to Cover Deficits Caused by Liberals

  97. Honor Student Jailed for Missing School, Texas Judge Made an Example of Absent Girl who has 2 Jobs

  98. MSNBC Host Uncomfortable Calling Fallen Troops Heroes on Memorial Day, Up w/ Chris Hayes Apologizes

  99. Justin Bieber Accused of Assaulting Photographer & wanted by Police for Questioning