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How To

  1. How To: Patch a Hypalon Boat

  2. How To: Find and Fix Inflatable Boat Valve Leaks

  3. How To: Inflatable Repair Adhesives Guide

  4. How To: PVC and Urethane Boat Repair

  5. How To: Fold an Inflatable Boat or SUP for Storage

  6. How To: Seal a Dry Bag

  7. Gasket Repair

  8. How To: Tie a Figure 8 Knot

  9. How To: Choose the Right Life Jacket

  10. How To: Clean and Deodorize Neoprene Wetshoes

  11. How To: Stuff a Rescue Throw Bag

  12. How To: Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat

  13. How To: Inflate a Raft

  14. How To: Patch Neoprene

  15. How To: Fit a Life Jacket

  16. How To: Drysuit Zipper Care and Maintenance

  17. How To: Install a Kayak Deck Rigging Kit

  18. How To: Stretch a Neck Gasket

  19. How To: Install D-Rings and Footcups

  20. How To: Replace a Raft Valve

  21. How To: Clean and Repair a Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve

  22. How To: Stretch a Sprayskirt

  23. How To: Repair Waterproof Fabric

  24. How To: Inflate and Deflate a Cataraft

  25. How To: Emergency Latex Gasket Field Repair

  26. How To: Tie a Taut-Line Hitch

  27. Free 'N Easy Returns and Exchanges

  28. How To: Dress for Fall Whitewater Kayaking

  29. How To: Military Valve Repair and Replacement

  30. How To: Maintain the NRS Barrel Pump

  31. How To: Fit an Adjustable Bungee Sprayskirt

  32. How To: Patch an Inflatable SUP Board

  33. How To: Dress for Fall Touring

  34. Quick Tips | How to Inflate a SUP Board

  35. Quick Tips | How to Repair a Leafield C7 Valve

  36. How To: Dress for Fall Whitewater Rafting

  37. How To: Dress for Fall Canoeing

  38. How To: Repair a Cataraft Nose Cone

  39. Quick Tips | How to Install a Barrel Pump Check Valve