1. because of kisses take 1

  2. scotty hendrix take 1 short

  3. a band, some broads and a reverend walk into a bar.....

  4. the neighbor kids are "the trash avengers"

  5. Burning down the house is hard to handle.

  6. don't forget about me b & w

  7. curbside loop b & w

  8. this is good.

  9. the rehearsal tapes-i won't give up

  10. katie the cat versus the birds

  11. the rehearsal tapes-in your eyes

  12. colin's small time rock stars boys band

  13. the small time rock stars-dirty laundry

  14. the smartest damn cat in the universe

  15. the leitchfield rehearsal sessions-human nature

  16. the leitchfield sessions-midnight rider/loser

  17. the leitchfield sessions-gimme one reason

  18. the leitchfield sessions-the joker

  19. low-the xanax remix

  20. scott hogue/the face sessions/you and i both

  21. the rehearsal tapes-ants marching

  22. the rehearsal tapes-i can't make you love me

  23. the rehearsal tapes-mad world

  24. the rehearsal tapes-freefallin

  25. the rehearsal tapes-fly away

  26. the initiation of chip gallent......

  27. the live tapes-overkill

  28. david ryan harris live @ 3rd

  29. the rehearsal tapes-drive

  30. the rehearsal tapes-steal my kisses

  31. the live tapes-kiss/freestyle funk

  32. if you choose, water over wine......

  33. lenny kravitz-it's loopalicious

  34. the live tapes-and she was

  35. imma soundcheck prophet, there some lyrics i forgotted, still i'm waitin on my rocket to come.

  36. trust me, the law won

  37. the live tapes-absolutely sweet marie

  38. do you wanna dance?

  39. i know whachu derrin....i do not think it's fair

  40. Alabama Love

  41. the (headless) rehearsal tapes-copperhead road

  42. wicked game-loop

  43. i'm yours-rehearsal tape

  44. drink the punch, it's funky

  45. steal my kisses