1. Ros-Lehtinen concerned about the misleading info from the Administration on the Benghazi attacks

  2. With the help of fellow despots like Castro, Chavez will continue stranglehold on Venezuelan people

  3. Ros Lehtinen discute los subsidios que Chavez da a sus aliados en Latino America

  4. The American Community Survey is $2 5 billion in taxpayer money that can be put to much better use, says Ros Lehtinen in interview this morning

  5. Justice has not been served for Holocaust survivors, denied the right to have their day in court by the US gov't, says Ros Lehtinen in an in depth interview

  6. Cong. Ros-Lehtinen Welcomes New Intern Andres to Congressional District Office

  7. Ros Lehtinen shows support and solidarity for the freedom fighters on hunger strike in Cuba

  8. Ros Lehtinen insulted by EPA's email depicting Che Guevara in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

  9. Cong. Ros-Lehtinen Speaks at Job Corps Graduation

  10. Cong. Ros-Lehtinen Receives FIU Outstanding Alumna Award

  11. Aquarius Reef Base is a national treasure; we must find ways to keep it open says Ros Lehtinen

  12. Ileana dives to Aquarius Reef Base to see firsthand the importance of their research and the need to keep ARB open; part 3

  13. Ileana dives to Aquarius Reef Base to see firsthand the importance of their research and the need to keep ARB open; part 2

  14. Ileana dives to Aquarius Reef Base to see firsthand the importance of their research and the need to keep ARB open; part 1

  15. Ileana dives to Aquarius Reef Base to see firsthand the importance of their research and the need to keep ARB open; part 4

  16. Ileana congratulates Miami doctor who is retiring after 69 years of practice

  17. The end goal is a free and democratic Cuba Ros Lehtinen says, reflecting on the legacy of Osvaldo Paya

  18. The Death of Osvaldo Paya is a tragedy, says Ileana in Univision interview

  19. Cong. Ros-Lehtinen joined by District Office interns

  20. Reiterating the importance of scientific discovery, Ileana & Rep Diaz Balart speak from Aquarius Reef Base for what they hope won't be the last time

  21. Rep. Ros-Lehtinen celebrates her birthday with Congressional District Office staff and interns.

  22. Every child deserves a safe learning environment - Ileana speaks @ Cong. Anti-Bullying Caucus launch

  23. With the future of Community Development Block Grants in the balance, Ileana takes to the House floor in its defense

  24. Urging Congress to tackle immigration reform Ileana comments on Supreme Court's Arizona decision.wmv

  25. With HIV AIDS cases rising rapidly in the South, Ileana addresses crisis at Congressional briefing

  26. Ileana welcomes in another bright and eager young group of summer interns to DC with a pizza lunch

  27. Ros-Lehtinen speaks on right of Venezuelans in SoFl to vote in Venezuela's election

  28. Ileana Wishes the Army a Happy 237th Birthday

  29. Ileana Says Goodbye to Some Great Interns and Welcomes in New Interns.MPG

  30. Students from Treasure Village Montessori School in Islamorada visit US Capitol, see the House floor, and speak w Ileana

  31. Ileana Helps Holocaust Survivors Seek Justice (CBS 4)

  32. Ileana Speaks to New Summer Interns, Welcomes Them to the Office with Lunch

  33. Ileana attends the 7th Annual Latin American Conference at UM

  34. Ileana tapes message on GOP women's pro-economic growth agenda

  35. Ileana speaks on House floor in favor of the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act

  36. Ileana hosts the 2012 Congressional Art Competition

  37. Ileana thanks IRS VITA volunteers who helped South Florida community with tax preparation

  38. Ileana attends Citizenship Ceremony for children in South Florida!

  39. Ileana recognizes outstanding & improving students in SoFL at Congressional Recognition Ceremony

  40. Ileana speaks at 20th anniversary of Miami Lighthouse for the Blind Heiken Children's Vision Program

  41. Ileana speaks at a Citizenship Ceremony in South Florida!

  42. Ileana attends the Day of Venezuelan Exiles and unveiling of Simon Bolivar statue in SoFL

  43. Ileana honors Rabbi Solomon Schiff for his achievements in our community!

  44. Ileana congratulates Kristi House for its latest efforts to combat human trafficking

  45. @RosLehtinen reaffirms support for Cubans who seek to be free from shackles of Castro tyranny

  46. Joseph Kony, LRA 'Reign of Terror' Must Be Brought To End @RosLehtinen Says in Speech

  47. Ileana Congratulates Beth David Congregation for its 100th Anniversary on the House Floor

  48. Ileana inspects Miami Beach sand dredging + renourishment project.

  49. Ileana recognizes her 2012 Miami District Office Interns!

  50. Ileana recognizes 2012 Service Academy Nominees!

  51. Ileana's energized by power of twitter community 2 inspire awareness about Joseph Kony & the LRA

  52. Ileana discusses DREAM Act with local student

  53. Ileana comments on the brutality of Joseph Kony

  54. Ileana speaks on the House floor in memory of her friend and colleague Congressman Donald Payne

  55. Ileana Congratulates the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition on its 20th Anniversary

  56. Ileana speaks on bipartisanship in Congress

  57. Ileana congratulates Miami Jackson Senior High for being an "A" school

  58. Ileana attends a Naturalization Ceremony in South Florida!

  59. Had the honor to present a flag and long overdue medals to a vet of the Korean War & Berlin Airlift.

  60. Ileana presents medals to one of our brave Veterans!

  61. Ileana speaks at Citizenship Ceremony in Kendall USCIS!

  62. Ileana attends a Naturalization Ceremony in Miami!

  63. Ileana talks about job creation in State of the Union response (spanish)

  64. Ileana talks about job creation in State of the Union response

  65. Ileana meets with South Florida Holocaust survivors

  66. Ileana chats with DC Cong + Committee interns + thx them 4 their hard work this semester

  67. Ileana speaks at South FL Red Cross ribbon cutting ceremony for donated ERV

  68. Ileana speaks about prepaid college plans at Riverside Elementary!

  69. Ileana speaks about US Israel relations in South Florida

  70. Ileana speaks to AIPAC members in South Florida

  71. Florida Pre-Paid College Plan: Ileana says "sign up soon!"

  72. Ileana speaks up against human trafficking

  73. Ileana Speaks in Favor of Balanced Budget Amendment 2 B voted on this wk

  74. Ileana hosts Academy Night at South West High School!

  75. Ileana speaks at the Miami Association of Realtors 18th Annual International Real Estate Congress

  76. Ileana speaks in support of the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill

  77. Ileana defends Israel's right to exist on ABC 10

  78. Ileana speaks on the Cuban regime on ABC 10

  79. Ileana discusses diabetes prevention

  80. Ileana speaks in favor of the Protect Life Act that prevents taxpayer funding for abortions

  81. Ileana speaks in favor of the Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements (2 of 2)

  82. Ileana speaks in favor of the Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements (1 of 2)

  83. Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen speaks in favor of the South Korea Free Trade Agreement

  84. Ileana congratulates UMiami on being #1 ranked college in FL, and 1 of fastest rising in the nation

  85. Ileana speaks before members of Cuban exile organization Unidad Cubana

  86. Ileana speaks before members of both the Center for Human Rights & Democracy and Brigade 2506

  87. Ileana speaks at Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Meeting

  88. M2U00061

  89. Ileana attends the Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers 2011 Board Installation Dinner

  90. Ileana attends the West Kendall Business Association luncehon!

  91. Ileana honors Cong. Carrie Meek, Florida trailblazer

  92. Ileana chats with interns and staff over morning donuts

  93. Ileana on Jobs, Economy on Miami's Channel 7

  94. Ileana welcomes her new Fall 2011 Washington, D.C. interns

  95. Ileana thanks hard working Miami summer interns @ Congressional Intern Recognition Ceremony

  96. CBS4 S&P downgrade report; Cong Ileana Ros-Lehtinen interviewed.

  97. NBC6 S&P downgrade report; Cong Ileana Ros-Lehtinen interviewed

  98. Air Force puts Miami Intl Aerospace Show on hold; Cong Ros-Lehtinen works to advance project.

  99. US Stocks fall on S&P downgrade; interview with Cong Ileana Ros-Lehtinen