1. Relaxing Piano Cover of "Trust" by the Cure

  2. "The Raven" Private Poetry Reading for ASMR

  3. Happy ASMR Day 2013! - Ramble and Eye Fixation

  4. My Favourite Books - a Softly Spoken Ramble for ASMR

  5. The Beautiful Dream - Bedtime ASMR Whisper / Softy Spoken Relaxation Session

  6. Lighting Matches - a Sounds Video for ASMR

  7. Unfinished Mutterings by GentlySpoken

  8. "Across Oceans" - Love Theme for Whisperers

  9. "Making Up a Rising Starlet" Role Play

  10. My Desert Island - A Video for ASMR Day

  11. A Drunken GentlySpoken Ramble

  12. A Gently Spoken Seduction Whisper (for the Ladies)

  13. The Perfect Kiss 2 - Softly Spoken Relaxation

  14. James Explains to Kim - A Hypnosis Parody Video

  15. Hypnosis for Sleep III - Sleeping the Whole Night Through

  16. Q&A with GentlySpoken, Round II

  17. Hypnosis to Get Over Past Events Softly Spoken Session - Originally by Eddini

  18. Hypnosis for Sleep II by GentlySpoken: Relaxing Whisper / Softly Spoken with Panning

  19. "O Children" Acoustic Cover

  20. Dealing with Emotional Pain Relaxing and Healing Whisper

  21. GentlySpoken's FACE!!!!

  22. Hypnosis for Regression Whisper

  23. ASMR Softly Spoken Relaxation Session

  24. Sleep Hypnosis with Panning

  25. The Perfect Kiss Softly Spoken Relaxation Session

  26. We Love GentleWhispering!!!

  27. Lucid Dreaming Whisper

  28. At the Beach: A Softly Spoken Relaxation Session