1. Welcome to the National Museum of American History

  2. Watch Before You Visit! A Student Orientation Video

  3. Watch Before You Visit! A Teacher Orientation Video to the National Museum of American History

  4. The Tooth Fairy File

  5. Julia Child's 100th Birthday Celebration

  6. Caring for Julia Child's Kitchen

  7. Preparing the gowns for the First Ladies Exhibition (Michelle Obama inaugural gown donation)

  8. Seeing history through Battlestar Galactica glasses

  9. The Time Trial of John Brown Overview

  10. Folding a full-size replica of the Star-Spangled Banner

  11. Docent spotlight: Ed Berkowitz and Mary Flury

  12. Meet Addy Walker, an American Girl

  13. Join the Greensboro Sit-ins

  14. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

  15. A Secret Inside Lincoln's Watch

  16. John Bull: Riding the Rails

  17. Smithsonian National Quilt Collection: An Overview

  18. Personal and public: Civil War portraits

  19. Biotechnology at the Cutting Edge

  20. Contest Winner Sings the National Anthem