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Super Cosplay War Ultra [スーパーコスプレ大戦U] Game Sample - PC/Doujin

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Uploaded on Apr 13, 2010

Made by the same team who made the oldie but goodie, "Fighters Kyodotai" comes one of the most legendary of all doujin fighting games (take that however you see fit), "Super Cosplay War Ultra", and it has seen many revisions and the like over the years (such as the removal of some 100% combos). What was being thought up since some time in 2003, the game has at last reached what the devs consider the "Final" version (outside of any bug fixes and the like) back in late 2009. Six years of work has lead to "Super Cosplay War Ultra: ver. Genkai Toppa" (the version in this video)... the final version... wow... I can say at least to some extent that the effort shows.

We don't call the game by its whole name so as to limit some confusion (and shorten the title), as there are various versions of the game and some people may not know they have the full version or not. Just know that this is "Super Cosplay War Ultra: ver. Genkai Toppa", the latest version at this point. We'll provide a download link as well as a link to the main website for the game anyway, so if they make a newer version, you can keep up with them. The game is also called SCWU by most fans of the game.

Before I say anything else, you should know that this game is FREE, so have at it (links towards bottom). As the game implies, a bunch of cosplayers and otaku have gathered to see who is the strongest, and only the most well-dressed, talented fanatics will survive! The game has a large roster that is further increased greatly by hidden characters and "EX Mode" characters, who have different fighting styles... I love EX Sakuya, who fights like a powered-up Sakura Taisen femme fatale!

The characters have nice details and animate respectably for the most part, though the game excels in the special effects department. The environments look great (and are largely original to the game), but the moves look particularly clean and stylish for a doujin fighter... just watch this video where we show you some of the game's beautiful attacks like the giant "Getter Robo" attack (complete with rocks getting torn from the Earth and fading into nothingness) and Rario climbing the "flag" with his powerful jump special! It's gooood stuff, and there is an almost unbelievable amount of fan-service in the game. Look in the backdrops and watch your characters... can you spot them all?

The fighting is relatively simple in nature and the game has built-in preset combos and a simple punch and kick button for main offense, and a few techniques for defense. There is also a "launcher" button (for air combos) and a grab button. Almost every character is pretty cool, but be warned in advance that Alpha and Zenka in particular were made to be incredibly devious fighters. Shin-Z and Z (think KoF's Rugal) is also deadly, but more comical as well (especially his regular form, which has a super "pie" attack). This is why the first three were hidden... even regular characters like the Saint Seiya fighter (SWW) is deadly as hell.

All in all, it's a great game that's well worth the download.

Main Page:

Main Download Page:
(Click the large "DOWNLOAD" button, the small one just has a Movelist file that's been fixed)

^ DEV site seems to be down; for now, get it from 4shared (free account must be made first):


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