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  1. Taylor Henderson performs "When You Were Mine" live in the Nova Studio

  2. Oz Comic-Con 2014 with Nathan and Dave

  3. Nathan's Reaction to Eating Animal Parts is Hilarious!

  4. Dancing with a Wildcat Star

  5. 2 Guys 1 Milk Bath

  6. Watch the Showdown - Morris Vs Marsh

  7. The Block Returns with Scott Cam

  8. What Are The Perth MKR Girls Really Like?

  9. Smart Casual - The Hawk Song

  10. UNCUT: Famous Sharron and Lawrence Mooney

  11. Katherine wins Nova's $100K Christmas

  12. Taylor Henderson never expected this!

  13. Dr Karl Interview

  14. Shaun Faces his Fear on the Abyss Roller Coaster

  15. Interview: Katy Perry's Mantra

  16. Nathan's Halloween Scare

  17. Lucky Hell Swallows 2 Swords

  18. Samantha Jade & Reece Mastin after Telethon

  19. Full Interview: Nathaniel

  20. Uncut Interview: Mike Hussey

  21. Nathan, Nat and Shaun's 1st Barbershop Quartet

  22. Shaun Punk's Nathan and Nat

  23. Shultzy's Shelter: Azzurra

  24. Asha Tracey Squats Shaun

  25. Strongwoman Asha Tracey Squats Shaun

  26. Uncut Kitty Flanagan Interview

  27. Stephen Perry: Smoking Hot Sauce!

  28. Asha Tracey Arm Wrestles Shaun

  29. Libby Trickett Dancing with the Stars

  30. Nathan and Dave Trick Co-Worker

  31. Making Breakfast Trifles with Rob Nicko

  32. Nova's A-Class - A-List

  33. Breakfast Trifles in 2 minutes

  34. The Dufner Shake

  35. Amazing Banana Trick with Mouth

  36. Gyuto Monks Bless Chris Masten

  37. Nathan and Nat's 10th Anniversary Celebrations

  38. Derby Challenge: Chris Masten

  39. Derby Challenge: Hayden Ballantyne

  40. Super Amazing Birthday Cakes made for Nathan's Birthday

  41. Charlotte Dawson and Didier Cohen on new season of Australia's Next Top Model

  42. Charlotte Dawson & Didier Cohen play our Trivia Game

  43. Masten's knife hidden talent

  44. Aussie Pickers | Nathan Morris and his Dad

  45. UNCUT interview with Baz Luhrmann director of The Great Gatsby

  46. UNCUT interview with Joel Edgerton from The Great Gatsby

  47. UNCUT interview with Catherine Martin, Costume and Production Set Designer of The Great Gatsby

  48. Nathan and West Coast Eagle Chris Masten try to play the Trumpet

  49. It's Raining Mums on Mother's Day

  50. Chris Masten plays Heads Up!

  51. Star Wars theme on Bagpipes

  52. Game of Thrones theme on Bagpipes

  53. UNCUT interview with Star Trek's Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

  54. UNCUT Interview with Star Trek's Karl Urban

  55. Brett wins $58,366 in Loose Change!

  56. Interview: Samantha Jade sings Nathan's 'Unicorn' song

  57. Interview: Wentworth's Shareena Clanton and Kate Atkinson

  58. Nathan hits the Star Trek into Darkness Red Carpet Premiere

  59. Nathan interviews Star Trek's Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

  60. Nathan interviews Star Trek's Karl Urban (Bones)

  61. Interview: Sam Worthington and the Drift Boys

  62. Johnny Ruffo performs scene from Downton Abbey

  63. Interview: Johnny Ruffo

  64. Big Brother Auditions 2013 Perth

  65. Interview: The Easter Bunny

  66. Netball's Caitlin Bassett and Catherine Cox

  67. Quick Fire Questions with Chris Masten

  68. Brad Robbins Half Beard Man on the Streets - World's Greatest Shave

  69. Oz Comic-Con 2013 with Nathan and Dave

  70. Brian McFadden hosts Postcode Payday

  71. Interview: Dan and Dani Rock The Block All Stars

  72. Interview: V8 Supercar Driver Garth Tander

  73. Nathan's Face Mask Scare

  74. Chains of Love Speed Dating

  75. Behind the Scenes: Cravat tying with MasterChef Judge Matt Preston

  76. We Date MasterChef Matt Preston on Valentine's Day

  77. Lingerie Football League

  78. Newsreader Raps Salt N Pepa

  79. Shaun McManus gets Pink Eye

  80. Nathan's Tandem Bike Adventure

  81. Nathan's Shanghai Showdown

  82. Charlotte Dawson Judge Nathan and Shaun

  83. Dancing for Cheesymite Scrolls with Timomatic

  84. Interview with Dr Karl

  85. Donna Hay makes us Pancakes

  86. Donna Hay Rates Nathan's Fav Sausage Roll

  87. Perth Wildcats Legend The Black Pearl Cal Bruton

  88. Reece Mastin Interview UNCUT

  89. UFC Fighter Xavier Lucas takes Shaun down

  90. Interview with UFC Fighter - Xavier Lucas

  91. Nathan, Nat and Shaun Halloween Trick or Treat

  92. Interview: Franky from HOUSOS vs Authority

  93. Nova's Suspension Destruction

  94. Nathan: Behind the Scenes at Big Brother

  95. Nathan before going into the Big Brother House

  96. Interview: Myer Ambassador Laura Dundovic

  97. We Challenge Todd McKenney to Clean Up!

  98. Interview: Courtney from Beauty and the Geek

  99. Suspension: Nat's Car Gets Destroyed

  100. Interview: Big Brother's George

  101. Watch Dayne Win $42,800 in Nova's $50K Cash Grab

  102. WA's Strongest Man Bench Presses Shaun

  103. Behind the Scenes: Office Games - Chair Rowing

  104. Behind the Scenes: Nathan and Maddie Gangnam Style

  105. Watch Knife Throwing Precision - Alfredo Silva & Anya Sarenin from the Moscow Circus

  106. Interview: Alfredo and Anya from the Moscow Circus

  107. Kris Smith Interview UNCUT

  108. Watch Cosentino make Nathan's Money Disappear

  109. Nova Acoustic: Sarah De Bono "No Shame"

  110. Interview Sarah De Bono

  111. Nathan Morris is World's Worst Son

  112. Naomi won $61,468 in our Loose Change!

  113. Interview: Delta Goodrem Uncut

  114. Delta Goodrem does Shaun's Job Better!

  115. Jess Mauboy with a Nerf Gun Uncut Interview

  116. Shuey Vs. Ballaz Derby 36 Showdown

  117. The Torch Relay

  118. Anna Gare Goes Truffle Mad!

  119. West Coast Eagles Luke Shuey and his Relaxation Kit

  120. Wil Anderson Thanks WA for Paying

  121. Nova's Ice Breakers Single Party Madness!

  122. Manu Feildel and Ainsley Harriott try tasty Sausage Rolls

  123. Lady Gaga Pre-Show Party

  124. Lady Gaga Greets Fans and They Go Wild!

  125. Jolene Van Vugt UNCUT: I Don't Get Asked on too Many Dates

  126. MaterChef Matt Moran on Steak Debate

  127. Johanna Griggs has Big Feet

  128. Watch Luke Shuey Vs Hayden Ballantyne in Quoits Derby Showdown

  129. Watch as Ricki-Lee Gets Loose in the Studio

  130. West Coast Eagle meets White Eagle Medicine Woman

  131. David Strassman and Chuck squirt Nathan

  132. Craft Corner: Shaun Makes a Jewellery Box for Mother's Day

  133. Luke Shuey The Mighty Duck

  134. Felicity Ward Gets a Duck

  135. Nathan Pranks our Production Guy

  136. Simon Morley Creator of Puppetry of the Penis

  137. Watch Team Nova Abseil down the Woodside Building for Urban Descent

  138. Marvel's The Avengers Premiere Perth

  139. Nathan's Big Surprise Captain America

  140. Shaun VS. Markus Ruhl Pro Bodybuilder

  141. Big Brother Auditions

  142. Watch us Prank Perth Wildcat Brad Robbins at his House!

  143. Footy Slappers Testing Lab!

  144. Nathan and Shaun Audition for Australia's Got Talent

  145. Danny Green vs Shaun McManus - Stand up Paddle Board

  146. Eskimo Joe needs your Help With Taxidermy

  147. Kevin Federline Busts a Move!

  148. Eskimo Joe are a Vegan's Nightmare

  149. Manu Feildel from My Kitchen Rules shows us how to eat Sexy! NovaFM

  150. All I ever Wanted for Christmas

  151. Nathan Nat and Shaun Christmas Wish List

  152. Christmas Carols with X-Factor's Johnny Ruffo NovaFM

  153. BTS Nathan, Nat & Shaun's $100,000 Question TV Shoot

  154. Hugh Jackman Interview - Real Steel at Nova

  155. Tiger Snake Bites the Snake Whisperer!

  156. Steve Carell interview about Crazy Stupid Love

  157. Nova's Ultimate House Party

  158. Nathan and Shaun's Balls of Steel Nova 937

  159. Attempted Judas Choreography Full Routine

  160. The Collective perform Another Life live in Session

  161. Interview: Wil Anderson on Politics

  162. Sara Jade's Stellar Con-Carne