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SSBB (SSE Intense Mode) - The Great Maze - Part 1 (With Music & Texture Hacks)

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Uploaded on Oct 24, 2011

And so it begins, the final "stage". It's essentially one big giant stage with tons of boss fights, including all of the regular SSE bosses. A lot of people seem to hate this stage because just when you feel like you're at the end, you're presented with this. I honestly don't really find a problem with it. Yea the stages are sort of rehashed versions of the regular stages, but the maze concept of being able to take different paths is pretty fun.

Anyway, I did this all in one run. So unfortunately all the videos are connected in one giant file. But rather than be insane and upload it all in one video, I split it into a reasonable amount of parts. I didn't want to go over the 20 minute mark, because I feel like that would be too much for people to watch in one day for this. But I didn't want to go so low that there would be over a week of parts. The fact that I did this all in one run shows that I also did not Game Over at an point. (score proves this as well).

As for the music, you hear tons of new songs you haven't heard throughout the rest of SSE. Some areas have new tracks and about half of the character boss battles do as well. So if you have custom music on stages, such as Pirate Ship, New Pork City, etc, then you'll hear those songs in The Great Maze.

Intense Mode (Hardest difficulty)
No Using Stickers
No Continues
Get All Secrets On First Run


This is where I stop writing strategies. I know I could sit here and guide you through each section and where to go, but that's what the video is for. You're given 4 characters, it's really hard to screw up. The save points also restore your % and lives (you still stay the same character you are currently using). This is necessary if you don't want to use a Continue on Intense. Sadly it's pretty abuse-able, but I try to limit it.

Just as a note, the main goal of The Great Maze is to beat every boss (the darkness doors). Once you do that, you can enter the final battle. I'm not sure what triggers the entire boss marked map, but when you get it things get much, much easier for finding what bosses are left. The bosses left are the flashing Bowser faces, and doors/exits are the dots inside the rooms. They are laid out in correspondence to where they are. For example, a dot in the top right means there is a door in the top right and that this door likely leads to a room up, right, or up-right.

That's about it. Don't forget there are secrets in this entire maze that you must find for 100%. I will find them all during this one run.


Q: How can you prove this is intense mode?
A: The icons for the stages give it away. If you also play the game on Intense yourself, you'll notice that this is indeed Intense.

Q: I don't believe that you never Game Over on Intense, do you cut out the Game Overs?
A: There are a few stages that I Game Overed on while doing these restrictions. So when I Game Over, instead of using Continue, I just don't save and restart the entire stage over.

Q: All these music hacks are from your normal Brawl videos?
A: About 90% of the songs in these videos are unchanged from my regular Brawl videos, as they are the same tracks. Although I artificially added some music just for SSE Mode for the tracks that aren't on normal Brawl stages and switched a few songs around. Most of the textures, however, were hand picked by me months ago.

Q: How come not all the cutscenes have custom music?
A: Some of them are hard coded into the cutscene I believe, mostly seems to be the ones that start from a certain point in the song.


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