1. Q Street

  2. Ginkgo trees in DuPont Circle, DC

  3. Lois Lockyer

  4. Best view in the world

  5. Waiting for mystery star

  6. Times Square

  7. The Tin Man in Times Square

  8. Times Square with SpongeBobt

  9. NYC skyline

  10. New Paltz 1

  11. New Paltz 2

  12. NYC

  13. Paul in the Gunk

  14. Catskills

  15. Deer

  16. NYC

  17. Scott Circle

  18. DuPont Circle

  19. Sunday AM

  20. Saturday on S Street

  21. "My Iran" sung by Narges نرگس

  22. "My Iran" sung by Narges نرگس

  23. Adrienne's spa day waiters

  24. Dupont Circle's Q Street & Connecticut Ave. at night

  25. Thanksgiving Eve on the DC subway

  26. Dave's perfect vacation in the Catskills

  27. Happy Vacation Memories

  28. Fabulous 16th Street, NW

  29. Snowman in da hood

  30. Auto spinning wheels on ice/snow combo

  31. Pedestrians vs. Bus. Who will win?

  32. Arriving home as the snowstorm commences

  33. My favorite moment in "The History Boys"

  34. Catching a cab at Union Station on Christmas night

  35. Delaware River from PA

  36. Riding a cab down 7th Avenue by the Carnegie Deli

  37. Broadway at West 79th Street

  38. Enterring New York's Chelsea Hotel as it was in 2010

  39. Welcome to the East Village

  40. heart stopping view

  41. The DC2NY bus

  42. Adieu Manhattan

  43. Chelsea Hotel photography exhibit by LindaTroeller

  44. Riding a cab through Times Square, NYC

  45. First deer spotting, Callicoon NY

  46. Chelsea Hotel room review

  47. Woodstock music festival site

  48. The road to the Woodstock site

  49. Putzin' around the Catskills in the rain

  50. New York's Chelsea Hotel

  51. I love Lesbians!

  52. This is Gay - это Гей (некоторых известных мужчин-геев)

  53. Q Street by the Dupont Circle subway to16th Street

  54. Q Street passing the Gandhi statue at Mass Ave.

  55. 16th street cab ride

  56. chevy chase cab ride 3

  57. chevy chase cab ride 2

  58. chevy chase cab ride 1

  59. I like New York in June.

  60. Cab up Broadway

  61. West Side Highway, Manhattan

  62. Times Square

  63. By the Riverside Tower Hotel, New York City

  64. Sheila Robertson and daughter at the Chevy Chase Branch Library

  65. Demystifying Iran

  66. Dave's attempt at painting something...

  67. Crappy, useless, ridiculous bus stops in Washington DC

  68. Women of the Ancient World

  69. Mount Pleasant snow

  70. Calvert Street in the snow, Washington DC

  71. Calvert Street snowcars, Washington DC

  72. Calvert Street snowcars, Washington DC

  73. Calvert Street snowcars! Washington DC

  74. Calvert Street snowcars, Washington DC

  75. My building on the Rachel Maddow Show

  76. Riggs Place snow clearing

  77. Washington DC's biggest snow

  78. Kalorama in the snow

  79. Chevy Chase Library snow paths & buried benches

  80. Ride down R Street in the snow

  81. Riding by Van Ness subway stop in the snow

  82. Mardi Gras at the library

  83. Alternate route of escape - totally impossible

  84. A snow plough on R Street.... there is hope!

  85. I tried but 'twas impossible

  86. Snow-bound cars in DC

  87. Russian karaoke online! "Sinii platochek" - my favorite song

  88. The sidewalk to nowhere

  89. Sunday morning snow

  90. View from my window, Saturday at noon

  91. 11:00 pm Friday, the blizzard begins

  92. Florida Avenue, Washington DC, 8am on a very cold Saturday

  93. "Frida" by Everina Payne

  94. Black Studies Division, MLK Memorial Library

  95. Driving in downtown Baltimore

  96. Fabulous Bonaparte's in Fells Point, Baltimore

  97. Union Station cab line

  98. Arrival in DC's Union Station

  99. Kitten in the Christmas tree