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  1. Reviewing the Lessons of the Past

  2. Sharing the Light of Christ

  3. No Cussing Club

  4. [Deleted Video]

  5. Sharing the Light of Christ ~ Jesus Knows I'm A Christian

  6. The Greatest Gift

  7. We believe in Christ: Personal testimony

  8. Seeking what's good: Youth song

  9. Guardians of virtue: Young Women song

  10. He Will Give You Help

  11. Lay hold upon every good thing: Scriptures

  12. We have endured many things: Spiritual strength

  13. We believe all things: Faith

  14. Honest, true, chaste, benevolent: Virtuous values

  15. Kyiv Ukraine Temple Youth Cultural Celebration

  16. Honesty ~ You better believe it!

  17. I'm a Young Woman and I Believe!

  18. Gila Valley Arizona Temple Youth Cultural Celebration

  19. Dayton's Legs

  20. My Duty to God

  21. 195 Dresses

  22. Face the Future with Faith

  23. You Can Meet God's Expectations

  24. Things as They Really Are

  25. You Bless the Church

  26. Finding Those Who Are Lost

  27. Stay Active and Worthy

  28. The Name of the Church

  29. Tune in to the Lord

  30. Stay within the Lines