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  1. Gerald Celente -- Kingston Now Show -- May 31, 2013

  2. The Looting of Syria - Organ trafficking, sex trade, artifacts, oil theft

  3. 2013: The Year of Alex Jones.

  4. GMO wheat escapes Monsanto experimental fields, contaminates U.S. wheat supply

  5. Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award

  6. Obama Administration Scandals-- Seriously?

  7. TSA Agent Touches my Vagina at San Diego International Airport

  8. March Against Monsanto (Austin, TX) - Footage from the front lines

  9. [Private Video]

  10. Angelina Jolie backlash grows as women slam "elitist" surgery only affordable by ultra rich

  11. IRS Gave OBAMA'S BROTHER Non-Profit Status....

  12. Angelina Jolie wants women to mutilate themselves for breast cancer they don't have

  13. Open Carry To Open Minds

  14. Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Tase Victims

  15. My Position On Syria and Governmentt - Interview with Voice of Russia in London

  16. Obama's Science Czar John P. Holdren Confronted on Population Control

  17. Gerald Celente - - May 8, 2013

  18. Rand Paul warns about Obama power grab

  19. Mark Dice Handcuffed and Detained While Making YouTube Video

  20. Obama's Civilian National Security Force Doing Random Searches of Backpacks on SDSU Campus

  21. WTC7 NIST Finally Admits Freefall by David Chandler Part 1 - Arabic

  22. The Case Against Gun Background Checks

  23. [Private Video]

  24. Jim Tucker RIP

  25. Professor Griff on The Illuminati, NWO and Obama

  26. Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, Dead at 78

  27. Dallas On High Alert For Bush Library Opening - Deadly Force Authorized For Any Perceived Threat

  28. Many Questions Still Left Unanswered About Boston Bombing

  29. Obama Supporters Petition to Repeal 6th and 7th Amendments (Right to Speedy & Public Trial by Jury)

  30. Boston bombing a political diversion: Alex Jones

  31. Boston Bombing and Civil Liberties Violations

  32. Lexington Selectmen Pull Oath Keepers Muster on the Green Permit

  33. [Deleted Video]

  34. [Deleted Video]

  35. Infowars Complete Boston Bombing Coverage

  36. Melissa Harris-Perry: Your Children Are Not Yours

  37. Gerald Celente - Iams Hound Humping Chick Commercial - (4/1/13)

  38. People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment

  39. Larry Pratt clashes with Hardball's Chris Matthews over background checks

  40. Bilderberg 2013 Location And Dates

  41. Gerald Celente - Tom Sullivan Show - Fox Business - March 30, 2013

  42. [Private Video]

  43. The Monsanto Protection Act - Criminals Who Know They're Guilty!

  44. Chemical Weapons Attack On Aleppo by Rebels Syria

  45. [Private Video]

  46. Welcome to GITMO

  47. Explosive Interview with Professor Griff of Public Enemy

  48. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Interest Rate Rally!" - (3/6/13)

  49. Ben Swann Interviews Ron Paul About His Upcoming Event In Cincinnati

  50. FSA Beat And Humiliate Old Man - 'Yellow Man' Aleppo Syria

  51. Larry Pratt With Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer on Gun-Free School Zones

  52. Gerald Celente - News Talk Radio WIBA - March 6, 2013

  53. LAPD sings "We Didn't Start The Fire" after burning Christopher Dorner alive (parody)

  54. Alex Jones Interview on Howard Stern bisexual fish, Piers Morgan, guns, 9/11 and much more 2-26-13

  55. Ben Swann: #LibertyIsRising

  56. Ted Nugent Calls Into The Alex Jones Show

  57. Infowars Nightly News 2-22-13 - HD

  58. Police "Requested" Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

  59. Racist WWE Wrestler Gets "Fan Mail" From Alex Jones!

  60. CNN Pundit: Alex Jones Made Chris Dorner a Hero!

  61. Alex Jones Exposes Behind the Scenes at CNN UNCENSORED

  62. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Year Of The Snake" - (2/13/13)

  63. Apocalypse Now? The Final Pope

  64. Bullshit Bin Laden Fable Changes Yet Again

  65. Drone Strikes: Murder is Illegal-Paul Craig Roberts

  66. Bilderberg 2013 Secret Location Uncovered?

  67. Cop lands helicopter and harasses woman "I DO NOT CONSENT!" Jan 24 2013.

  68. America's Newsroom with Erich Pratt on Gun Control

  69. Justice with Judge Jeanine with Larry Pratt and Otis McDonald on Gun Rights

  70. [Private Video]

  71. World News In 60 Seconds 42

  72. Massacre Bodies Dumped In River Aleppo -Analysis WARNING 18+

  73. Ban Assault Weapons? Why?

  74. The 2nd Amendment (What is it?)

  75. Beyonce and Obama

  76. Keiser Report: Threshold of Tyranny Passed (E396, ft. Alex Jones)

  77. Obama The Clown (Boss 202)

  78. MSNBC Host Andrea Mitchell debating with Gun Owners of America' Erich Pratt

  79. Obama Sinks to New Low: USING KIDS AS PAWNS to Push Anti-Gun Agenda...

  80. Natural News headlines for Jan 16, 2013

  81. Breaking news on the Firearms Protection Act of Texas, from Rep. Steve Toth

  82. Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt Discuss Gun Control on Piers Morgan Tonight - Round Two

  83. Food myths busted: "Natural" does not mean "Organic!"

  84. My Prayer for Alex Jones

  85. Ben Swann Destroys Piers Morgan's Anti-gun Argument in 4 Minutes

  86. Your Tax Dollars Fueling 'Al Qaeda' Syrian Rebels Praise OBL

  87. Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control Live On CNN

  88. Congress Sucks! Obama Sucks!! Boehner Sucks!!!

  89. Censored statistics on guns vs. violence: What the media doesn't want you to see

  90. The Mayan Calendar Doomsday Prophecy Hoax explained

  91. Why The NWO Hates Syria

  92. Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Bill To Ban Assault Weapons As Well As Large Clips

  93. Guns Do Not Kill People

  94. Do guns kill people? Pistol, shotgun, assault rifle put to the test

  95. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "It Can Be Changed!" - (12/5/12)

  96. Infowars Edition 4 (BOSS162)

  97. Preppers, survivalists and Hurricane Sandy: A mini-documentary by Mike Adams

  98. RFID And The Mark Of The Beast

  99. Gun Control and the NFL...


  101. The TSA Meets Independent Media - Opt Out And Film Week

  102. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The War Monger March!" - (11/20/12)

  103. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Unravelling Of Civilization" - (11/9/12)

  104. The shocking truth about what's really in vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum

  105. "Make A YouTube Video" by Tatiana Moroz - Directed by WeAreChange

  106. The dark side of SCIENCE: Here's what scientists don't want you to see

  107. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Conmander In Chief" - (11/8/12)

  108. Prohibition Ends New Jobs Begin - Down on GMO Truth- - Props That Won

  109. SyrianGirl debates FSA on Australian show 'Insight'

  110. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The Defense Debate!" - (10/23/12)

  111. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "The World Banking Order" - (10/17/12)

  112. Tonight 9-10 Pacific LIVE Max Igan and Linda West on AlexJones Marathon

  113. Infowars Edition 3 (BOSS153)

  114. Just Label It - the GMO labeling song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

  115. Democrats vs. Republicans (Frick or Frack)

  116. Whole Foods Caught in False Advertising Scandal

  117. Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Society's Decline'" - (9/24/12)

  118. Turkey Syria Border Attack

  119. Patriots: Woes of the Awakened

  120. Nuclear Chessgame We Lose

  121. Corporate science whores exposed: GMOs, vaccines, fluoride and other quack science lies

  122. Prop 37 Monsanto's Demise - Go Vote Californians:)

  123. Fluoride sold as pesticide; Chinese factories export to U.S. cities for water fluoridation

  124. GMO red alert: GM wheat may cause liver failure, warn scientists

  125. 4409 -- CBS worst news FAIL [[ EVER ]]

  126. [Private Video]

  127. Alex Jones & Michael Savage Disagree on Drone Assasinations

  128. ABC World News Now on the Heated Debate Between Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt

  129. Agent Provocateur In Action (The Vault)

  130. Breaking News! Raub Released - Court Says Let Veteran Go!

  131. The Mega Banks ARE the Drug Dealers

  132. Robo Signing -New Bank Scam to Bill You For Their Debt

  133. Rothschilds, and GITMO (BOSS145)

  134. Gun Owners of America - Larry Pratt, Exec. Dir., with Fox News' Megyn Kelly on U.N. Arms Treaty

  135. Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams

  136. DHS Rolls out PCII Business Must share Secrets and Info with Gov Now

  137. National Weather Service, Ammo and Alex Jones (BOSS144)

  138. Texas Professor Hacks Into Drones Upsetting Gov

  139. Anger is Your Alchemy for Change

  140. American Flag Falls at Olympics. FBI Questions Youtube Vid Maker

  141. Sikh Temple Shooting: Get Ready For "Hate Crime" Propaganda

  142. Is the American dream over?

  143. Bizarre Booms & Weird Noises - Real, Hoax or Hysteria?

  144. Bloomberg Uses Batman Massacre as Coersion to Control Guns-

  145. Colorado Massacre Questions That Don't Add Up

  146. The Mysterious Booms Are Back!

  147. How to stop a massacre (PG-13 edition with improved sound effects)

  148. Vaccines are full of it!

  149. Fighting Back Against Big Brother

  150. How The Illuminati Controls The Music Industry

  151. WWII Vet Warren Bodeker Needs Your Help: Being Forced From Home and Forced to Exhume Wife's Body

  152. Remember What You're Fighting For

  153. Facebook Deletes Account, Demands My Passport

  154. Bilderberg 2012: Protesters vs New World Order

  155. Bilderberg Backlash: Will 'Occupy' Protest Smash the Record?

  156. David Hasselhoff Loves The TSA

  157. London 2012 Is Psychological Warfare

  158. Media Spins Wild Conspiracy Theories To Sell NATO Attack on Syria

  159. Ron Paul Rally in Austin, Texas April 26, 2012 (Full Video)

  160. Alex Jones Mt Carmel Church

  161. Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012

  162. Alex Jones: Blueprint to Defeat The New World Order from Dallas, Texas

  163. Breitbart's Footage Shows Obama 'Palling Around' With Terrorists: Infowars Nightly News

  164. Expert Explains Why Low Iodine Is Wrecking Women's Health - HD

  165. Arrested Legal Gun Owner Still Being Harassed by Court System - HD

  166. Arrested Over A Cigarette: Illegal Police State Dragnet. - HD

  167. Feds Bury Radioactive Waste on Military Base - HD