1. Bridge integrity and hurricanes

  2. Turning a mouse trap into an IV drip volume regulator at Rice University

  3. Centennial Series: Commencement speakers at Rice University

  4. A new type of therapy for children with cerebral palsy

  5. Rice students create a new way to feed giraffes at the Houston Zoo

  6. Rice University freshmen design a puzzle feeder for orangutans

  7. Helping obese patients breathe easier during surgery

  8. Centennial Series: The settings of Rice University commencement

  9. Common Reading at Rice University for the class of 2016

  10. Community Bridges at Rice University

  11. Rice University engineering team uses wireless power for implantable devices

  12. College graduates and jobs

  13. Rice team designs a self-sufficient chemical plant for use in well fracturing

  14. Improving air quality on Houston buses

  15. Centennial Series: Processions at Rice University

  16. The Rice Centennial METRORail

  17. Rice's 31st Kinder Houston Area Survey

  18. Rice University student engineers automate limb lengthening for kids

  19. Centennial Series: Autry House, the first student center at Rice

  20. The Perfect Elevator Pitch

  21. Rice University: The UnConvention

  22. Nanotube sponge soaks up oil

  23. Rice University's Owl Days 2012

  24. A low-cost solution for neonatal apnea in the developing world

  25. Centennial Series: The Rice Engineering Show

  26. Rice University students create better cervical collar

  27. Nanobubbles bring cancer chemotherapy inside single cells

  28. Centennial Series: The Chemistry Building

  29. "Celebrate Rice" Photography Contest

  30. Rice University's Unconvention Preview

  31. Centennial Series: The Owl

  32. Martel College's 10th Anniversary at Rice University

  33. Rice University's Hindman Garden dedication

  34. Centennial Series: The Rice Trolley

  35. National Space Biomedical Research Institute grand opening

  36. I-slate educational tablet: optimizing tech-brain interface

  37. Centennial Series: The first faculty club in Texas

  38. Pi Day 2012 at Rice University

  39. New Art / New Music at the Rice Gallery

  40. Soul Night at Rice University

  41. Rice University Town Hall with President Leebron

  42. Centennial Series: The first Rice Thresher

  43. Rice University ready to rodeo

  44. A conversation with the new leaders of the Rice Space Institute

  45. Rice University's United Way Celebration

  46. Centennial Series: Rice University's underground history

  47. Houston diversity and segregation

  48. New art installation "Mirror" dedicated at Rice University

  49. Engineering Competition 2012 at Rice University

  50. Rice University is named a Tree Campus USA

  51. Centennial Series: Rice University's first aerial photographs

  52. Rice University School Math Project celebrates 25 years

  53. Graduate International Cultural Night at Rice University

  54. Time lapse of "Mirror" installed at Rice University

  55. Centennial Series: The first Rice Institute building

  56. Rice Owl legend goes back to school

  57. Unlikely players ambush battle ball at Rice University

  58. 2012 Rice Owls baseball: the road to Omaha

  59. Centennial Series: Rice student's scrapbook from first graduating class shown to family

  60. OpenStax College publishes free textbooks for most-attended courses

  61. Centennial Series: Walking history, Rice University's centennial banners

  62. The Lunar New Year reception at President Leebron's house

  63. Year of the Dragon at Rice University

  64. Plants use circadian rhythms to prepare for battle with insects

  65. Rice University's Michael Deem wins Texas academy's O'Donnell Award

  66. New lights for the intramural fields at Rice University

  67. Rice lab mimics Jupiter's Trojan asteroids inside a single atom

  68. Go Houston Texans Day at Rice University

  69. Can universities save cities?

  70. Winter break comes to a close at Rice University

  71. Unconventional Education at Rice University - Richard Tapia

  72. Behind the scenes of the Rice singing owls

  73. Deck the halls and the library, taking a break from Rice University finals

  74. Happy New Year from Rice University students and others on campus

  75. The voices behind the Rice Owls

  76. Season's greetings from Rice University

  77. Philip Ursprung / Fall 2011 Lecture Series: Judgment

  78. 2011 Rice Holiday Open House for faculty and staff

  79. Ben van Berkel / Fall 2011 Lecture Series: Judgment, Part I

  80. Snowball fight at Rice

  81. Birding at Rice University

  82. Some atheists embrace religious traditions

  83. The DREAM program at Rice University

  84. Wang Shu

  85. 2011 Rice Owls Basketball, looking to dance in March

  86. National Philanthropy Week at Rice University

  87. Project Puente Matagalpa

  88. Rice chemists cram 2 million nanorods into a single cancer cell.

  89. Protecting the Houston area from the next hurricane

  90. Using smartphones and tablets to measure health

  91. Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2011

  92. Looks do matter

  93. Pei Zhu

  94. Traditions new and old shape the memories at Rice University

  95. Around Campus: Rice & Houston

  96. Around Campus: Centennial Celebration and Campaign

  97. Online interaction encourages risky financial behavior

  98. Turning math into music

  99. Thomas Campanella