1. The Dubliners- Cunla

  2. The Dubliners- Oro Se Do Bheathe 'Bhaile

  3. The Dubliners- Scorn Not His Simplicity

  4. Lush- Papasan

  5. The Wolfe Tones- Hail Glorious St. Patrick

  6. The Dubliners Rare Old Mountain Dew

  7. The Dubliners- I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool

  8. The Dubliners Dicey Reilly

  9. The Dubliners- The Traveling People

  10. The Dubliners The Old Orange Flute

  11. The Dubliners- Donkey Reel

  12. Foster and Allen- BallyJamesDuff

  13. Foster and Allen- Nancy Myles

  14. Foster and Allen- Fagins Wake

  15. Foster and Allen- The Blind

  16. Bounty Killer- Gun Thirsty

  17. Bounty Killer feat. Wayne Marshall- Smoke Clears

  18. Bounty Killer- Cellular Phone

  19. Bounty Killer- The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation

  20. Garnett Silk- Every Knee Shall Bow

  21. Mr Vegas- Nike Air

  22. The Wolfe Tones- The Smashing of the van

  23. The Wolfe Tones- Wrap The Green Flag Around Me Boys

  24. The Wolfe Tones- The Boys Of The Old Brigade

  25. The Wolfe Tones- God Save Ireland

  26. Buzzcocks- I don't mind

  27. The Dubliners- Donegal Danny

  28. The Dubliners- Thirty Foot Trailer

  29. Cocteau Twins- Tishbite

  30. Fluffy- Husband

  31. Tiny Monroe- She

  32. The Primitives- Crash

  33. Drugstore- Fader

  34. Moloko- Fun For Me

  35. The Dubliners- I'm A Rover

  36. The Dubliners- Whiskey On A Sunday

  37. The Dubliners- All For Me Grog

  38. The Dubliners- A Pub With No Beer

  39. The Dubliners- The Holy Ground

  40. The Dubliners- The Ragman's Ball

  41. Cypress Hill- Dr.GreenThumb (uncensored)

  42. Garbage- Why Don't You Come Over

  43. Garbage- Boys Wanna Fight

  44. Sleeper- Feeling Peaky

  45. Sleeper- Dress Like Your Mother

  46. The Dubliners- Home Boys Home

  47. The Dubliners- Kitty Come Down From Limerick

  48. The Dubliners- The Patriot Game

  49. The Dubliners- James Larkin

  50. The Dubliners- Hot Asphalt

  51. The Dubliners- The Kerry Recruit (alternate take)

  52. The Dubliners- King Of The Fairies

  53. The Dubliners- The Unquiet Grave

  54. The Dubliners- Finnegan's Wake

  55. The Dubliners- Dublin In The Rare Oul' Times

  56. The Dubliners- Weila Weile Weila

  57. The Dubliners- Tramps and Hawkers

  58. The Dubliners- Swallow's Tail Reel

  59. The Dubliners- The Rocky Road To Dublin

  60. Richie Spice- Sunny Day

  61. Richie Spice- Baby Face

  62. Richie Spice- Uptown Girl

  63. Richie Spice and Joseph Hill- Digital Ways

  64. Brenton King- Stone Out Of My Mind

  65. Richie Spice- Get Up

  66. Richie Spice- Babylon A Gwaan

  67. Richie Spice- Take It Easy

  68. Richie Spice- Groovin My Girl

  69. Richie Spice- High Grade

  70. Richie Spice- Mind Off Of Me

  71. Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen In Love

  72. Buzzcocks- Sixteen Again

  73. Buzzcocks- Lipstick

  74. The Wildhearts- Drinking About Life

  75. The Wildhearts- Everlone

  76. The Wildhearts- My Baby Is A Headf**k

  77. The Wildhearts- TV Tan

  78. The Wildhearts- Greeting From Shitsville

  79. Salad- Shepherds' Isle