1. Rianni Lancaster for GNC Vitamins

  2. The Rise Of Online Shopping

  3. Audio interview with Fenix member care manager, Bek Musgrave

  4. Audio interview with personal trainer, Gareth Chapman

  5. Ways on coping through the teenage years

  6. Cr Rod McDonald talks about Highton Shopping Centre proposal by Abe Anderson. Go2News

  7. Chapel St upgrades

  8. Chapel St upgrades

  9. Supplementing Summer

  10. Supplementing Summer

  11. Heneka's Speak Out Against Shopping Centre On Doorstep by Abe Anderson. Go2News

  12. snow event at ashburton

  13. Insight into the latest innovative horse therapy model EAGALA

  14. larissa correct orientaton.wmv

  15. Rob correct orientation.wmv

  16. Scott Zacharison State Primary School Teacher Victoria.

  17. Dr Mark Stokes Associate Professor School of Psychology

  18. Dr Mark Stokes Associate Professor School of Psychology Deakin University

  19. Kevin Oakey Junior Football Coach

  20. Bulldogs Army are proud of what their club stands for

  21. Sydney Turns it on- Vivid Festival (By Rosalina Menton)

  22. Interview with Paul Tanning, Head Trainer of Myrtleford Saints

  23. "Students, No Cause for Alarm"

  24. Etihad Ustoppable in Deakin YMCA's Futsal Final

  25. Training video

  26. Professor John Toumbourou talking about childhood addction to computer games

  27. Professor John Toumbourou, Deakin University

  28. Long Commutes Drive Workers to Poor Health

  29. A Million Paws Walk For Charity

  30. Launceston locals look at world's weather

  31. One Million Paws Walk, Darwin May 2012

  32. Deakin's Environment Officer talks carpooling

  33. Disability Resource Centre- Phillippa Russell

  34. Baillieu Promises Go Belly Up for Community Sector

  35. Deakin Disability Resource Centre - Elizabeth Williams

  36. First Second Hand by Angela Vu

  37. Corporate Head of the River

  38. Deakin Indonesian Club by Valerie Djulianto

  39. Bridge Road shops by Therese Soltveit

  40. Ben Darwin back from the brink by Tom Van De Vusse

  41. Girls Night In by Tessa Hayward

  42. Australian volunteers abroad by Olivia McGannon

  43. 25th anniversary of the Institute of Koorie Education 2011

  44. Glenroy Grannies by Nikki Labourne

  45. Can book survive the eReader revolution? by Caroline Beaney MPEG 4

  46. Norwegian students paying for an Australian education by Victoria Andersen-Vang

  47. Aldi supermarket plans stall by Klaudia Miziolek

  48. JJJ un-earthed by Hendrik Jacobs

  49. Sierra's Thursday night at the local by Erin Jones

  50. Dangerous dogs legislation by Simon White

  51. The Creative Bean by Helene Vagsvoll

  52. Callum Nicholson safirefinal MPEG 4

  53. Food prices sky rocket - why? by Solmaz Djosebayat

  54. Littering At Deakin

  55. Students or Workers? - Catherine Shelley

  56. Melbourne Victory preparing for the new season and new superstar by Kristoffer Skinlo

  57. Public Transport in Melbourne Renaldo Febrian

  58. Lost hope for non local students by Crystal Milhuisen

  59. Call for increased space in Deakin library by Shobana Sankar

  60. Student struggles after uni by Matt Duigan

  61. The New Residence by Meg Whelan

  62. DVDs a dying breed by Stefan Sgarioto

  63. Get Cereal by Michael Lamonato

  64. stalkerspace - Jess Perkins

  65. Selling the farm

  66. The Evolution of the Royal Melbourne Show by Nick Searles go2news

  67. Netball - Demi Papigiotis

  68. King of the box office

  69. The Great Retail Comeback by Brittany Chipman, Go2News

  70. Skate parks are the go by Ashleigh Lucas

  71. Multicultural MIBT by Charlene

  72. The Future of Art by Nicholas McKenna

  73. Hidden Talent Quashani 'Emerges' by Aleia Zulkifly

  74. Drama in sheep country by Kathryn Irvin

  75. Build Our School - We've waited years! by Danielle Chambers Go2News

  76. Death of the High Street by Holly Difabrizio

  77. Australian for Syria rally by Kwan Chan (Molly)

  78. Greyhound racing growing fast by Kristoffer Furberg

  79. Monumental Battle by Sarah Melenhorst

  80. Oscar's Law by Anastasia Barbadonis

  81. Celebrating Korean Culture by Nad Bunnag

  82. Geelong District footy - racism row

  83. The Australian deaf games

  84. Deakin parking protest continues

  85. Singing Her Heart Out by Daniel Santopietro Go2News

  86. Racism in footy by Callen Lowther

  87. Gravel roads still claiming lives by Claire Mitchell

  88. Shopping traffic blues by Scott Carbines

  89. Young guns to recapture clubs former glory by Susie Giese

  90. Olympic champs guide to staying healthy by Mari Mjelde Go2News

  91. Parents fill a gap in student allowances by Laura Dow

  92. Residents in arms over parking plans by Sarah Rush