1. Lights- Ellie Goulding [Music Video]

  2. Spending Valentines Day Alone

  3. I Want- One Direction [Music Video]

  4. Jack Frost!

  5. Locked Out of Heaven- Bruno Mars [Music Video]

  6. I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift [Music Video]

  7. Getting My Braces Off Vlog


  9. ♥ m e m o r i e s ♥

  10. I Sing Like A Dying Whale

  11. Promises [Music Video]

  12. C o n n e c t i o n s

  13. Shake it Out [Music Video]

  14. My Lucky Strike [Music Video]- Maroon 5

  15. Shopping Vlog!?

  16. Cinema [Music Video]

  17. Shopping Vlog

  18. Both of Us [Music Video] B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift bubblemaster99

  19. BINGO BELLS!??

  20. Secret [Music Video] Pretty Little Liars theme

  21. Whip It [Music Video] Nicki Manaj

  22. THE END movie trailer

  23. Could it be you? [Music Video] H*wood

  24. Fun in the Rain?

  25. Starships music video

  26. Park Glories skit

  27. Christmas Carol REMAKE

  28. Harry Potter Trailer

  29. We Are Young - music video

  30. All i want for Christmas- music video

  31. attic treasures skit

  32. black friday campout skit

  33. Broken Bones skit

  34. Maniac Dog

  35. Fake Santa skit

  36. backbend video

  37. Short term memory loss skit

  38. halloween skit

  39. two wishes skit

  40. RIP friend skit

  41. stuffed with death skit

  42. tik tok