1. Loni

  2. Howard

  3. Michael

  4. Illinois Lottery Revamps Lotto

  5. Chicago Man Wins Record Jackpot

  6. Man, 26, wins largest Illinois lottery instant prize in history

  7. Chicago Man Wins Largest Instant Game In Illinois History

  8. Chicago Man Wins $20 Million Instant Jackpot

  9. 27 Year-Old Man is the Largest Lottery Instant Ticket Winner Ever

  10. Lottery Sponsors Firework Shows

  11. $250,000 Mega Millions Win in Pekin

  12. Pekin Man Wins $250,000 in Illinois Lottery

  13. $250K Lottery Win in Pekin

  14. Illinois Lottery Adds 500 Blackhawk Jerseys to 4th of July Prize Structure

  15. Newlywed Wins $500,000 in Illinois Lottery's 4th of July Raffle

  16. East Peria Store Sells Winning $250,000 Mega Millions Ticket

  17. Pana Woman Wins $10K with the Illinois Lottery

  18. Luvvie

  19. David

  20. Rae

  21. Spread the Word

  22. Michael Jones B96 Spread the Word Interview

  23. Illinois Lottery's 1st 4th of July Raffle Winner

  24. Jacksonville Woman wins $500,000 on Illinois Lottery's 4th of July Raffle

  25. Illinois Lottery Adds Midday Drawing to Lucky Day Lotto

  26. Illinois Lottery Launches Spread the Word

  27. 4th of July Raffle - How to Play video

  28. $4.85 Million in a Cookie Jar

  29. Powerball Grows; IL Lotto Winner Gets Lucky

  30. Illinois Lottery Winner Stores $4.85 Million in a Cookie Jar

  31. Powerball Jackpot is $475 Million Big Ones

  32. Huge Jackpots!

  33. Powerball and Mega Millions Continue to Roll

  34. 17 Co-Workers Hit it Big

  35. 17 Hispanic Co-Workers Win $1 Million on Powerball

  36. 17 Co-Workers get Lucky

  37. 17 Lucky Winners Win $1mil on Powerball

  38. April Fool's Day $50 Million Surprise

  39. Freeport Man Wins $50 Million on April Fool's Day

  40. $50 Million Powerball Winner

  41. Illinois Man Pockets $50 Million with Powerball Win

  42. Illinois Man Wins $50 Million Powerball

  43. $50 Million Powerball Jackpot Winner Announced Tomorrow

  44. $50 Million Powerball Sold in Freeport, Illinois

  45. $50 Million Powerball Ticket won in Freeport, Illinois

  46. Willowbrook Veteran Wins Illinois Lottery

  47. Illinois Lottery - The Good Life

  48. Illinois Lottery - The Good Life

  49. Illinois Lottery - The Good Life

  50. The MS Project B96 Interview

  51. $320,000,000 Powerball Jackpot

  52. $250,000 Mega Millions Ticket sold in Addison

  53. $1mil Powerball sold in East Dubuque

  54. The MS Project

  55. Illinois Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones Talks $320mil Powerball

  56. Illinois Lottery Superintendent Michael Jones Chats $320mil Powerball

  57. The MS Project Interview with Mark Manuel and Steve Ketelaar

  58. Powerball reaches $320 Million

  59. Powerball is $320 Million

  60. $320 Million Powerball

  61. Powerball hits $320 Million

  62. Powerball Reaches $320 Million Big Ones

  63. Powerball is $320 Million Greenbacks

  64. Chicago Janitor Wins Powerball

  65. Chicago Man is now a Powerball Millionaire

  66. Hakmat Y. Wins Illinois Lottery

  67. Chicago Man Powerball Millionaire

  68. Chicago Janitor Wins Illinois Lottery

  69. Chicago man wins in IL Lottery

  70. Janitor turns into Illinois Lottery Millionaire

  71. Iraq War Refugee now an IL Lottery Millionaire

  72. IL Lottery's MS Ticket Launch

  73. IL Lottery Launches The MS Project

  74. Illinois Lottery - MS Project Interviews

  75. IL Lottery Superintendent Discusses National Problem Gambling Week

  76. Unclaimed IL Lottery St. Pat's Raffle Ticket

  77. Unclaimed IL Lottery Mega Millions Ticket

  78. Winning Illinois Lottery Lucky Day Lotto Ticket Sold in Dunlap

  79. IL Lottery honors National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

  80. Central IL Man wins IL Lottery's Birthday Surprise

  81. IL Lottery's First Birthday Surprise Winner

  82. Meet the IL Lottery's First Birthday Surprise Winner

  83. Illinois Lottery's Lucky Day Lotto Winner in Dunlap

  84. Don't Let your IL Lottery Ticket go to Waste

  85. Don't Let your IL Lottery Ticket Expire

  86. IL Lottery Tickets are about to Expire

  87. Check your IL Lottery Tickets

  88. Illinois Lottery's - The Good Life (Scream)

  89. Illinois Lottery's - The Good Life - Sway

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  92. IL Lottery Powerball Millionaire

  93. IL Lottery Trigger Campaign

  94. IL Lottery Problem Gambling Week

  95. Small Change in Routine Leads to $1Mil Powerball Win

  96. Streamwood Salesman Wins $1Mil in Powerball

  97. The Good Life Instant Ticket

  98. Illinois Lottery Jackpot Alert - Grain of Sand

  99. Army Vet Wins Cash for Life