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Call of duty WaW - All 13 deathcard locations

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Uploaded on Jan 5, 2009


This is my first youtube guide video but there will be plenty to come .. enjoy also please rate 5 if this helped you

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Ok so a bit went wrong but owel you will just have to put up with it

Death Card #1
Level: Semper Fi
Location: Right after getting your gun in the opening cutscene, go right and head into the first open shack its a playing card stuck to a soldier helmet on top of a rifle (as the rest will be).

Death Card #2
Level: Little Resistance
Location: While in front of the large Japanese bunker, go into the trench to your right. Go through and exit the tunnel and in the far right corner of the large bunker (in the front) you can see your 2nd Death Card.

Death Card #3
Level: Hard Landing
Location: Kill whomever gets in your way before going into the building. Once inside look for a small lantern lighting a portion of your room, and also your 3rd Death Card.

Death Card #4
Level: Vendetta
Location: Immediately after following Reznov into the first building, wait for him to open up the bar, and then simply look behind the bar, Suprise!

Death Card #5
Level: Their Land, Their Blood
Location: After killing the tank, wait through a small cutscene, but before leaving make sure to look into the first stable to find your next Death Card next to a rotting cow.

Death Card #6
Level: Burn Em' Out
Location: After taking out the first mortar crew, head back and to the left going towards the second. Take out the camped MG'ers and all the other ppl in the area all the while keeping an eye out for a dark bunker on the left. Keep in mind that by the time you kill the 2nd mortar team, youve gone to far!

Death Card #7
Level: Relentless
Location: Head into the caves and after you kill everyone there continue but remember that there are two hallways that fork BUT eventually lead you to the same spot. The card is in the middle a little ways down the hallways.

Death Card #8
Level: Ring Of Steel
Location: Enter the asylum and move to the left hand side. Its pretty damn obvious and you can easily see the tip of the helmet over the short wall where a dead soldier should be slumped over in the corner.

Death Card #9
Level: Eviction
Location: Clear out and go past the kitchen and go towards the balcony. Go right and drop through a hole in the floor against the wall in the bathroom is your 9th Death Card.

Death Card #10
Level: Blowtorch & Corkscrew
Location: Come out of the caves, grab the satchel charges on the right, and head down to blow up some 200MM bunkers. After you destroy the 1st bunker, head to the left and you should see a stone structure with a dead corpse and your 10th Death card.

Death Card #11
Level: Breaking Point
Location: After taking out the first two mortars, head up and take the third one out. Almost immediately outside if your facing Shuri Castle, theres a shack with the 11th Death Card inside it.

Death Card #12
Level: Heart Of The Reich
Location: Right after the opening cutscene, run to the subway tunnel entrance on the left, to the easiest Death Card in the game!

Death Card #13
Level: Downfall
Location: Head up the staircase to the theater halls, make a right then a left. Then instead of making the next left take a right and look into the darkened room, and guess what? You now have all 13 Death Cards!

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