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@GenuineSoundz | Revolution - #genuineTHURSDAY (Week 1)

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Published on Aug 9, 2012


After seeing the various tragedies that occurred during the past few weeks, coupled with the genocide being perpetrated in Burma, I had to raise awareness the only way I knew how. Please take the time to sign the petition below and visit the link to donate to the rebuilding of the Joplin Mosque.




Shirt available at:


im sick of hearing sirens and stories like every night
police cruisers whipping by, try to save a life
theres terrorists on rampages tryna snuff the light
so used to seeing wrong, its hard to recognize whats right
you strike fear into the heart of men, you take they soul
then propogate the message, mainstream it, take control
and now you leading an army by regulating hope
pure command of your dreams, is what they lookin for
never trustin what they say, aint no word of god
its evident they current policies were built with flaws
they want a military mindstate, they pushin hard
and its workin, cuz the sheep dont see the facade
power driving power, theres wealth behind wealth
no ceos and bankers give a crap about ya health
all these money hungry suckers keep they money to they self
so the poor and middle class...can go back to they hell
this is real....

flipping channels, hearing temples are victims
hearing mosques are burning down, cuz of racist intentions
its like, victimize the innocent, they needed the lesson
its time we bring down they spirits, rain bullets as blessins
as hundreds die in burma, while the world just watches on
whens the sun gon peek out, we caught in the eye of the storm
and it refuses to move on, till we deny its the norm
in this day and age of science, wheres the cry for reform
but we dont ever see it, we sit desensitized
our hands stained with blood, cuz it really is do or die
but its never you or i, thats why we never cry
we lean on back, change the channel, back to our lives
this is hell.....

at a time where the world is showered in dark
the silver linin actions of a few, light the spark
ignite the fuse, that burrows deep into our heart
so pull yourself together, we rebuild from the start
its our time, its our generation, our message
and i'll be damned and full of shame if i dont help spread it
so here i am, doing what i can, lets go get it
lets mobilize the troops, and force the scum to go regret it
cuz im so sick and tired of bein sick and tired
of seeing passive activism, happen for awhile
im sick of seein causes dissapear in just 2 weeks
are they still pledging orange? do they even gotta speak?
nahh...cuz they actions speak louder
they always quick to pipe up, deep down they just a coward
so nahh...you get no free pass
either stand for a cause, or go stand at the back
this is hell....

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