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  1. Uganda Hopes to Become a Market for Outsourcing

  2. Company Prepares for Risky Clean Up of Fukushima Reactor

  3. New Supercomputers Aid Weather Forecasts

  4. Robo Sally Has Human-Like Hands

  5. Africa Grows as a Market for Tech Products

  6. Using Drones to Save Animals

  7. How Google Glass Works

  8. Promoting Tornado Safe Rooms in Oklahoma

  9. Social Media Limits in Vietnam Criticized

  10. Computer in China Tops List of World's Most Powerful

  11. A Device That Can Tell If Drivers Are Alert

  12. World Digital Library Serves Millions

  13. US High Court Rejects Patents on Natural Genes

  14. Goal Line Technology Used at Confederations Cup

  15. Amazon Launches Shopping Website in India

  16. Identifying a 'STEMI' Heart Attack With an iPhone App

  17. A Call for a Ban on 'Killer Robots'

  18. Persuading You to Buy a PC

  19. Smartphones in Space: a Really Long-Distance Call for NASA

  20. Brck: an Internet Router Designed for Africa

  21. An App for Alzheimer's Caregivers

  22. California Governor Seeks to Increase Ties with China

  23. Why 'Lite' Smartphones Are So Popular

  24. Tricks in Digital Video

  25. The Threat From Cyber Attacks

  26. An App That Predicts Traffic Delays

  27. China a Growing Supplier of Drones

  28. A Plan to Fight Cyber Threats

  29. Building Machines With Human-Like Senses

  30. An iPad App for Orangutans

  31. How Mobile Phones Are Changing Life in Africa

  32. ADB Loan to Finance E-trikes in Philippines

  33. Examining the Case Against Aaron Swartz

  34. At CES in Las Vegas, TVs Were the Stars

  35. China Tightens Rules on Internet Use

  36. Why the US, Other Countries Refused to Sign Internet Treaty

  37. Gadgets Topped Holiday Wish Lists

  38. Young Entrepreneur Creates Hospital for iPhones

  39. A Call to Ban 'Killer Robots'

  40. Students Win $100,000 for Traffic Management System

  41. Plastic-Eating Monster Battles Trash

  42. Solar-Powered Islands

  43. Mobile Banking in Ethiopia

  44. Repairing the Damage From Superstorm Sandy

  45. Teaching Girls to Code

  46. Fighting Malaria With Mobile Phones

  47. iPhone 5 Selling Well in Gaza

  48. Huawei, ZTE Deny US Accusations

  49. QR Codes Create Interactive Graves

  50. The Legal Battle Between Apple and Samsung

  51. Finding the Right Match With Online Dating

  52. India Defends Moves Against Social Media

  53. Turning Industrial Waste-Heat Into Electricity

  54. A Hollywood Movie Producer Helps Develop Mobile Calendar Application

  55. New Research Hopes to Speed Development of HIV Vaccine

  56. Dealing With Digital Legacies After Users Die

  57. Team From Ukraine Wins Top Honors at Microsoft's Imagine Cup Finals

  58. Getting News From Around the World With Today's Front Pages

  59. Some Websites Judge You by the Kind of Computer You Use

  60. Microsoft Competes Against Apple With New Tablet

  61. ICANN Announces More Than Domain Names During its Reveal Day

  62. Website Saves Today's Headlines for the Future

  63. Golden Gate Bridge Still Shines

  64. SpaceX and Its Mission

  65. Using the Brain to Move a Robotic Arm

  66. New Rules for Sina Weibo Users in China Take Effect May 28

  67. Event Aims to Build Interest in Science, Engineering

  68. 'FlashFood' App Wins US Finals in Imagine Cup for Students

  69. 'Caine's Arcade' Video Brings Fame to Creative Boy

  70. 15,000 Websites That Spread Terror and Hate

  71. Is Your Computer Committing Cybercrimes?

  72. Microsoft Takes On Zeus

  73. Bahrain and Belarus Added to an 'Enemies of the Internet' List

  74. 'Kony 2012': The Success, and the Criticism

  75. Syrian 'Citizen Journalists' Use Social Media to Spread News

  76. Taking Medicine, With a Microchip Under the Skin

  77. Obama Seeks Privacy Bill of Rights for Internet Users

  78. Inspections at Apple's Suppliers in China

  79. Drones: Not Just for Military Use

  80. Google Faces Heat Over New Privacy Policy

  81. Ruling on GPS Tracking by Police Leaves a Big Question

  82. IBM Thinks Minds Will Control Machines Within 5 Years

  83. Mobile App in Delhi Aims to Protect Women

  84. Bright Idea: Light Bulbs From Plastic Bottles, Water and Bleach

  85. Consumers' Online Petitions Put Pressure on Businesses

  86. The Hottest Electronic Gifts in 2011

  87. Teens, Sexting and 'Cyberbaiting'

  88. 'Sexting' Study Finds Low Rate Among Young

  89. A Room Where Nurses Learn How Not to Get Hurt

  90. A Cool Way to Keep Food From Spoiling

  91. India on Way to Topping US in Internet Users

  92. A Soccer Ball That Gives You Energy -- Really

  93. Internet Change Makes Way for Dot-Anything

  94. A Kitchen That Talks? This One Teaches You French

  95. The Rough Road That Gave the Edsel a Bad Name

  96. No More Guesses at How to Say a Name

  97. Amazon Launches E-Book Lending for Libraries

  98. South Korea Tops 'Information Society' Report

  99. How Technology Has, and Has Not, Changed Since 9-11

  100. Seeking Cleaner and Greener Electronics

  101. Astronomers Still Look to Hubble Space Telescope

  102. Facial Recognition Systems Bring Privacy Concerns

  103. Living in a World With Facial Recognition

  104. Bigger Ships, So a Bigger Panama Canal

  105. How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Children?

  106. How to Do It: Making Paper by Hand

  107. Students Compete to Find Tech Solutions for World Problems

  108. Flying Car Moves Closer to Reality

  109. Game Over for Limits on Violent Video Games

  110. Defending Free Speech With a 'Panic Button'

  111. US Seeks 'Shadow' Internet, Mobile Networks in Repressive Countries

  112. Shortage of Internet Addresses, but a Slow Move to New System

  113. WHO Finding Adds to Debate Over Mobile Phones, Brain Cancer

  114. Paying Tech Talents to Drop Out of College

  115. Is NASA's James Webb Space Telescope a Time Machine?

  116. A Smartphone App for Eye Exams in Developing Countries

  117. A False Sense of Security on the Internet?

  118. Mobile Devices' Location Tracking Raises Privacy Concerns

  119. How to Make Your Own Solar Water Heater

  120. A Better Computer Mouse Cursor for the Disabled

  121. Brain-Computer Interfaces Could Mean More Freedom for the Disabled

  122. Test of Big Space Rocket Set for Late 2012

  123. Designing a Quake-Resistant Building Starts at the Soil

  124. Tens of Thousands of Technology Lovers Head South to Austin

  125. Japan's Early Warning System One of the Best in the World

  126. For Many People, First the Doctor's Office, Then the Web

  127. A Victory for Computers as Watson Wins 'Jeopardy!'

  128. How Can a Country Disconnect Itself From the Internet?

  129. Group Offers Shortwave Radios to Poor Communities

  130. Egyptians Gain a Voice With Social Media Service Used by Stars

  131. 2000 Years of Computing History at a Museum in California

  132. Classes Start in March at Internet Training Center in Togo

  133. Airport Security Could Go to 'Electronic Sniffer Dogs'

  134. All Eyes Were on Tablets at CES in Las Vegas

  135. Looking to Robots and Other Technology to Improve Health Care

  136. A Whole New World, Brought to Us by Gizmos and Gadgets

  137. Pads, E-Readers, Notebook Computers Topped Wish Lists

  138. TV Over the Internet Pushes Broadband Growth

  139. Mobile Phones May Soon Test for STIs and Blood Pressure

  140. New Site Maps Reports of Sexual Harassment in Egypt

  141. Taking a Closer Look at the Future of Video Conferencing

  142. New System May Let You Appear Someplace You Have Never Been

  143. Making the World Wide Web More Usable to a Wider World

  144. PC Recycler Strikes Gold in Old Computer Chips

  145. 2 Billion People Expected Online by End of 2010

  146. Hunger Rates Fall, but the Decrease Slows

  147. Nations and Groups Promise $12 Billion to Fight AIDS, TB & Malaria

  148. Calling Attention to Mental Health as a 'Neglected Issue'

  149. Project Seeks to Cut Deaths, Build Market for Clean Cookstoves

  150. Why Development Projects Fail: One Size Does Not Fit All

  151. Getting NGOs to Celebrate Failure, So They Can Learn From Others' Mistakes

  152. Do-It-Yourself: How to Dry or Smoke Fish, Part 2

  153. Do-It-Yourself: Preparing Fish for Drying or Smoking

  154. Imported Foods Raise Obesity, Health Issues for Pacific Islanders

  155. Killing of 10 Aid Workers 'Horrific' but Not Uncommon

  156. A Simple Operation Can Cure Tragic Condition in Mothers With Fistula

  157. Bringing Color to Life (and Tears to Eyes) With a Natural Dye

  158. Film Captures Risky Work of Doctors Without Borders

  159. Staying Safe: Food Safety After a Flood

  160. Rift Valley Fever Hits South Africa

  161. How Manute Bol Used His Sports Fame for a Greater Good

  162. Using Paper Beads to Improve Ugandan Lives

  163. A Compromise on Trials for Crimes of Aggression

  164. Human Trafficking a Problem in Major Cities Across US

  165. Shortage of Nurses Is Worldwide, but Worst in Poorer Nations

  166. On World No Tobacco Day, Special Attention Goes to Women, Girls

  167. Small Drug Pouch May Offer New Tool to Protect Newborns From HIV

  168. Taking Action Against Child Labor

  169. US Launches Effort to Support Muslim Entrepreneurs Around the World

  170. In Developing World, Health Services May Be Just a Phone Call Away

  171. World Bank Sees Progress on Development Goals

  172. India's Aravind Eye Care System Gets Hilton Prize

  173. Computers, Children and the Digital Divide

  174. Water Shortages Continue to Threaten the World's Growing Population

  175. Protecting Children Against Pneumonia

  176. One-Hour Blackout to Go Green

  177. For World's Poor, a Personal Toilet and Source of Fertilizer

  178. Marking International Womens Day

  179. The Danger of Counterfeit Drugs (Second of Two Parts)

  180. The Dangers of Counterfeit Drugs (First of Two Parts)

  181. UNICEF Appeals for Aid for Women and Children

  182. Increasing Food Security in Dry Areas of the Middle East

  183. Breathing Easier: The Art of Stove Making

  184. Steps Urged to Prevent Snakebites, Improve Treatments

  185. New Vaccine Joins Campaign to End Polio

  186. Solar-Powered Pumps Aid African Farmers

  187. New Treatment for Sleeping Sickness

  188. Disabilities in Old, Young Studied in Developing Nations

  189. Bringing Light to Homes in Poor Countries

  190. Increase in Illegal Killing of Rhinos in Africa, Asia

  191. Looking for New Ways to Fight Malaria

  192. Some Tips for Cold Storage of Foods

  193. Results of UN Food Summit Seen as Disappointing

  194. Project Finds New Homes for Unwanted Bikes From US

  195. Plan Aims to Fight Child Diarrhea in Developing World

  196. In Kenya, a Better Life Through Mobile Money

  197. Simple, Low-Cost Ways to Cut the Risk of an Early Birth

  198. Report Calls Attention to Millions of Preterm Births