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Furby vs HK 416 Assault Rifle and C4 in Super Slow Mo

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Published on Jan 7, 2013

Furby climbs from the depths of hell to go up against the HK416 and a block of C4 and det cord.

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Doing what I do isn't cheap. Being a one man show, I appreciate you sharing my video everywhere you do on the blogs and facebook and such. I couldn't do it without y'alls help.

The Heckler and Koch HK416 is an assault rifle that fires 5.56 NATO rounds. An assault rifle is a select fire rifle with fully automatic capabilities. THIS IS NOT AN AR15. An AR15 is designated by the letters of the company that first manufacturered it: ArmaLite. This rifle is for military and LEO use only and is not available for sale to the general public. This 10" barrel also classifies it as an SBR or Short Barrel Rifle.

RDX is the primary ingredient and explosive used in C4. C4 is approximately 90% RDX.




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