1. Elvis Mitchell

  2. Jeffrey Ruggles and Don Black of Bicycle Lane

  3. Andrew Colom and Arjun Kaul of The Flight of Calvin Waters

  4. April Wren of What Happened? and Michael Williams of Parted

  5. Winsor Yuan and Sam Jacobs of The Butterflies

  6. Tom Huckabee of Carried Away

  7. Glenn Payne of Room 327

  8. Jarratt Taylor of Family Matter

  9. Paige Williams of Mississippi Queen

  10. Michael Pertnoy of The Last Survivor

  11. Mary Warner of Thacker Mountain Radio: A Documentary

  12. David Wharton of The Center for the Study of Southern Culture

  13. Sarah Freeland Simonson and Melanie Young of Dinner on the Grounds: A Soul Reviving Feast

  14. Ted Ownby of The Center for The Study of Southern Culture

  15. Ferriday Mansel of Tortillas de Maiz

  16. Anthony Dergham of Ocean Invaders

  17. Micah Ginn and Rhes Low of Night of the Loup Garou

  18. Tim Harms of The Vicious Kind

  19. Jennifer Maas and Michelle Witten of Wheedle's Groove

  20. John Hubbell of I Am a Man: From Memphis, a Lesson in Life

  21. Michael Usry, David Matthews, and Ryan Roy of Winding Down

  22. Mike McCarthy director of Cigarette Girl

  23. Mary Elizabeth Ellis from Quiet Little Marriage

  24. Hoka for Best....

  25. Hoka for Best Short Film, OFF 2010

  26. Ray McKinnon received Hoka Award at Oxford Film Festival 2010

  27. Hoka Award for Best Feature, OFF 2010

  28. Hoka Award, Best Mississippi Film 2010

  29. Hoka Award for Best Documentary at OFF 2010

  30. Short Documentary winner at OFF 2010

  31. New Year's Voice Mail about Duck Hunting

  32. 2009 Oxford Film Festival Promotional Trailer

  33. 2009 Oxford Film Festival - When Harry Met Sally Diner Scene Recreation

  34. 2009 Oxford Film Festival - Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene Recreation

  35. 2009 Oxford Film Festival - Back to the Future Diner Scene Recreation

  36. 2009 Oxford Film Festival - Jeffrey Wells Nomination

  37. 2009 Oxford Film Festival - UPDATED Pulp Fiction Recreation WITH Award Presentation

  38. 2009 Oxford Film Fest Scene Re-creation of Pulp Fiction

  39. Oxford Film Fest 2009 :30 promo

  40. Reel Oxford

  41. Oxford Film Festival 2008 Promo

  42. Oxford Film Festival Trailer 2007