1. What is Evidence-Based Practice

  2. Does Technology Enhance Learning of Health Care Professionals: What Evidence?

  3. Lifespan Professional Development Through Practice-Based Education

  4. Flexner_100.mp4

  5. Developing Interdisciplinary Projects: The Evidence in the Learning Organization Experience

  6. Teaching Evidence-Based health Care: Barriers and Solutions

  7. Teaching Evidence Based Medicine: Should We Be Teaching Information Management Instead?

  8. What to do when there is no good evidence?

  9. MCG/UGA Medical Partnership Curriculum Update

  10. MCG/UGA Medical Partnership Curriculum Update (w/ slides)

  11. Best Techniques for Finding & Using Pre-Evaluated Sources and Primary Literature

  12. Case-based E-Learning in Health Professions Education

  13. Using Evidence to Develop Clinical Practice Guidelines in Sports Medicine

  14. Transforming Health Care Delivery Through Interdisciplinary Training

  15. Measurement and Testing with Pain in Animals

  16. Triple Geek: Using Scientific Inquiry as the Foundation for Teaching - Linda Boyd

  17. Leveraging eHealth in education and practice - Kendall Ho, MD

  18. Implications of the Affordable Care Act for Evidence-Based Practice

  19. When Clinical Evidence and Conventional Wisdom Collide - Virginia A. Moyer