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DFUOB5 Funk Volume - SKORP "Frustrated"

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Published on Mar 1, 2013

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I shot and edited this myself. It's my first ever attempt at video editing - The concept I went with is I'm so frustrated trying to get in the rap game that I snap. I start losing my sanity. When you're hungry even the most irrational thoughts become rational. This is full of allegories and the usual Hip-Hop goodness!! Yet the hunger is very real. Lyrics below


Verse One:
I feel like I'm bout to snap/ I can't bare it, like a trap
I'ma bury yo back/ your head 50 feet from that/
my two (feet) in your ass/ realistically they both won't fit/
but it's finna be one cold hit/ Impress the Feds like "dope shit"

Duckin in the ride knockin off your fitted
when I come over the top with somethin to choke with/
I'm one of them dope kidz on the poster bitch/
two guns/ n I don't need a holster bitch
That's right hand left hand jab a nigga
go old school wit it - drag a nigga/
in old school whip feelin' savage nigga/
this much frustration'll crack a nigga/

Been a artist all along/ and the hardest part alone
is starvin to get a break n "All Gold" comes on
then whole rap race is gettin lame and weak
And only entertained wit killin the athletes
Run a face into the ground call it a "track meet"
drillin on his head to the rhythm ofa trap beat
put a victim in the back seat -
wit a black tea coat on his head so he can't see

Kill the rapper/ bomb the hoe/
log into twitter/ pretend to be ya ghost/
and ion't even say foul shit nooooo
I continue talkin bout next week's show/
Cuz I wanna get on/ and I'm kinda tha bomb/
I wanna blow up/ My time is alarms/
got more cold cuts (songs) than a deli farm/
Killin sheep in the meantime tryna get on

Verse Two:
BLAT! POW! That's the sound of a gat? (Yep)
And the sound of a mack? (Yep) from the sound of ya mouth? (yep)
That's the sound of attack!!
So I'ma come from the back
and if you pretty good at rap then you can lay down (I'm)
go outta my mind wit a tre pound
mack plus mouth goin off at the same time!!
leave a nigga no way out
unidentified rapper no face found laid out!
brain matter gon spray out!!
if he think therefore he is then he ain't now!
let the good ones live no take down
hood after hood we gon this place bounce
Run this game - no prosthesis
keepin it poppin - chicken grease it

I don't pop lock it - I pop glock it
I barber shop it comin off with 'top'ics
you people on the fence I'ma guard dog it
I'ma pull you in make ya heart stop n
I don't care where you R - U N? I gotcha
Eat'em in a minute like a hot pocket!
you feeble in a wimp wit a ego like a blimp
I'ma reload and attempt to feed you this rocket!!
Aimin at the mainstream non-hip hop shit
Enterin the matrix two pill poppin
thinkin you the one I got the robotics (tech)
that'll killa bitch and her son - try n dodge it

Entering the Matrix/ Two Pill poppin
Thinkin you THE ONE I got the ROBOTICS/
That'll kill a bitch Anderson -- tryn n dodge it!

Other notes:
Shot with - Nex-5n - Kit lens
Edited with - Adobe Premiere Pro Trial

This is for the FUNK VOLUME "Don't FU[n]K UP OUR BEAT" Contest #5. Props to all entrants.

Follow me on twitter@SKORP4EVER
NODDINGHAM - Nodding Hard Asa Muthafuka

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