1. Isle of Wight Festival turned into a mudbath by heavy rain

  2. Glen Johnson: 'England can beat anyone'

  3. Parrot's uncanny cat impression

  4. Julian Assange gives radio interview from Ecuadorian embassy

  5. Jimmy Carr tax row: Charlie Brooker weighs in

  6. George Zimmerman visits Trayvon Martin shooting scene

  7. Jimmy Carr tax row: Fellow comedian John Bishop has his say

  8. Greek and German philosophical football match

  9. Flash floods hit northern England

  10. Fashion police fail to stop incredible hats at Ascot

  11. Colorado wildfire passes 100sq km mark

  12. David Coulthard lands fastest ever hole-in-one

  13. World's Ugliest dog competition: Really ugly dogs

  14. Northern England floods: Aerial images of the damage

  15. Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-9 complete difficult manual docking

  16. Fishy festivities at the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island in New York

  17. Flooding washes away homes in Afghanistan's Takhar province

  18. Fans heartbroken as England crash out of Euro 2012

  19. Novak Djokovic on Wimbledon dreams and why Andy Murray should win

  20. Five thousand ducks block road in China

  21. Lonesome George dies aged 100

  22. Roof-top car park collapses into a mall

  23. Mahatma Gandhi's letters are to be auctioned in London

  24. Hong Kong micro-apartment: 24 rooms in 32sq metres

  25. Odd sports: Egg Russian roulette

  26. Fake Angry Birds products fly into China

  27. Record flight for pedal-powered helicopter

  28. Student's sprint shoe could mean the difference between winning and losing

  29. Explosion tears through houses in Shaw, Oldham

  30. Lego model of Machu Picchu displayed in London

  31. Spice Girls break the rule book at the launch of their new musical

  32. FBI sting operation targets child sex-trafficking rings

  33. David Cameron heckled at London 2012 Olympics event

  34. Animals leave their footprints at Sydney's Taronga Zoo in aid of conservation

  35. The Queen shakes hands with Martin McGuinness

  36. Tropical Storm Debby causes chaos and severe flooding in Florida

  37. New carnivorous dinosaur species unveiled in Argentina

  38. Martin McGuinness jokes he is 'still a republican' after meeting Queen

  39. Boris Johnson jokes Olympic rings symbolise chastity

  40. Queen takes a ride as she tours Titanic Belfast visitor centre

  41. Olympic rings unveiled on London's Tower Bridge

  42. Mars One - Big Brother in space?

  43. Queen parades in open-top car at Stormont

  44. Policeman escapes after being crushed under car

  45. Google unveils Nexus 7 tablet to compete with iPad & Kindle Fire

  46. Andrew Garfield watch out! Real life Spiderman breaks vertical run record in Brussels

  47. Lancaster Bomber drops thousands of poppies in flypast

  48. Mugly is crowned the world's ugliest dog

  49. World's ugliest dog's owner describes people's reactions to Mugly

  50. Timelapse video of 3D Super Mario chalk art

  51. Taiwan's 'human flag' set for world tour

  52. David Cameron confronted by angry Yorkshire resident

  53. Stunning virtual London F1 street circuit design: McLaren's Jenson Button explains

  54. Chinese astronauts return to Earth

  55. Nick Clegg: Banking culture is rotten

  56. Men run in heels in Madrid for Gay Pride

  57. World record for soldiers eating... (toasted) soldiers!

  58. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting divorced

  59. Adele is pregnant with her first child

  60. Tranquilized bear falls out of tree in New Jersey

  61. US wildfires seen from Nasa space satellite

  62. President Obama visits areas devastated by Colorado's worst ever wildfire

  63. US spy satellite launched into orbit by Delta IV rocket

  64. Happy 5th birthday iPhone

  65. Avatar-esque 'supertrees' open at Singapore gardens

  66. Torvill and Dean skate holding the Olympic torch in Nottingham

  67. 50kg yellowcheek carp caught in Shanghai

  68. Hurricane force storms batter Washington DC

  69. Cosplay: Anime fans dress up for US Expo

  70. Chinese President Hu Jintao heckled by protester in Hong Kong

  71. FOUND! Wimbledon's Rufus the Hawk reunited with owner

  72. 'Professor Splash' dives 36ft into 30cm of water to break Guinness World Record

  73. Children try to 'steal' Olympic torch in Coventry

  74. Farthest throwing of a human being

  75. Chinese dumper truck driver pinned after 20m ravine fall

  76. Smiling female carries out knife robbery in Australia

  77. Cameron challenged by Miliband over EU referendum position

  78. German band breathe musical life into old bottles

  79. Talking urinals introduced in the US

  80. Man destroys inside of mobile phone shop in Manchester

  81. Over 60 immigrants rescued on board tiny motorboat off Croatian coast

  82. Workers trapped in office fire building in Ecuador

  83. Olympic medals under lock and key in the Tower of London

  84. Olympic Torch Lifts Off in Leicester!

  85. Madonna's tour truck crashes in Sweden

  86. Dwain Chambers back in Team GB for London 2012 Olympics

  87. Toomas Heikkinen crashes at X Games Rallycross

  88. Lost penguins found on Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema beach

  89. Diego the 'rampant' tortoise

  90. Higgs Boson like discovery hails physics breakthrough at CERN

  91. Passengers take down plane hijackers in China

  92. Recovery operation after two Tornado jets crash

  93. Over 100 giant 'pandas' invade Trafalgar Square

  94. Car sent flying by heat-buckled Wisconsin highway

  95. World's biggest captive crocodile crowned

  96. Amir Khan prepares for Danny Garcia fight

  97. Christmas Toys 2012: What will be big this year

  98. Girl rescued from well in China

  99. Washington DC celebrates July 4th with massive fireworks display