1. Demographic changes and lessons for 2016

  2. Take away lessons from 2012 elections

  3. Mayor: Presidential race a 'nail-biter'

  4. Rep. Brad Miller on need for greater financial reform

  5. "Who Stole the American Dream?"

  6. Hedrick Smith on Gerrymandering

  7. NCSU political scientist Steven Greene on the presidential race

  8. Hedrick Smith: "Who Stole the American Dream?" Crucial Conversation, 10/23/2012

  9. Al Ripley discusses the return of payday loans in NC

  10. NC NAACP President on voter engagement

  11. Gov. Hunt on Bill Friday's legacy

  12. Pollster Tom Jensen with the latest on the presidential race

  13. Dr. Stephen Scott on Wake Tech bond proposal

  14. Bill Friday on future tuition hikes

  15. SBOE Director Gary Bartlett on election prep

  16. Consumer groups protest predatory payday lending at Regions Bank

  17. Greensboro formally opposes Citizens United

  18. Kim Bobo on Worker Justice and Wage Theft, Crucial Conversation 9/27

  19. Dr. June Atkinson on vouchers & state budget cuts.wmv

  20. Lisa Chun on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

  21. Rob Thompson on poverty, Pre-K, and the 47%

  22. Crucial Conversation: Business Incentives - Where they work and where they don't

  23. John Tedesco on charter school oversight

  24. Democracy NC on fundraising from special interests

  25. Greenville City Council seeks to overturn Citizens United

  26. Dr Harrison on 'broken' education rhetoric

  27. Hagan: U.S. is better off than four years ago.wmv

  28. MaryBe McMillan on the state of working NC

  29. Dr. Andy Taylor on the tight presidential race in NC

  30. Rep. Howard Coble on the presidential race in NC

  31. Deborah Bryan on NC children in poverty

  32. NCAE's Rodney Ellis on recent education cuts.wmv

  33. EDF scientist Sam Pearsall on fracking

  34. Rep Wasserman Schultz

  35. Senator McKissick on education cuts

  36. Jane Pinsky on LaRoque investigation.wmv

  37. Stuart Campbell on pro-equality politicians

  38. Matt Ellinwood on charter school expansion.wmv

  39. Tom Jensen on latest gubernatorial poll

  40. Sarah Ovaska - LaRoque indictment

  41. Bill Johnson on tensions over Duke-Progress merger

  42. Ran Coble on community college loans

  43. Chris Estes on the need for continued investment in affordable housing

  44. Duke Energy's Jim Rogers on leadership change.wmv

  45. Sen. Kinnaird assesses legislative session.wmv

  46. House Minority Leader Hackney on veto override of budget

  47. House overrides veto of RJA revamp (SB 416)

  48. Senator Mansfield on eugenics compensation.wmv

  49. Adam Linker on what's next for ACA

  50. Budget could lead to 3,000 jobs lost

  51. Perdue urges continued work on NC budget

  52. Peg O'Connell on the General Assembly's 2012-13 budget.wmv

  53. Rep. Rick Glazier on final compromise budget

  54. Sen. Berger and Speaker Tillis on Teaching Fellows funding.wmv

  55. Rep. Parmon on failure to compensate NC eugenics victims

  56. 1st Annual Backwards Budget .5k

  57. Superintendent on Stam's school voucher proposal.wmv

  58. NC House Republicans push through fracking bill -SB820

  59. Eugenics compensation absent from Senate budget

  60. Bill to restrict Racial Justice Act advances in House

  61. Lawrence Lessig - "How Money Corrupts Congress"

  62. NC League of Municipalities on annexation reform bills

  63. NC Senate passes fracking bill

  64. NC House passes eugenics compensation bill.wmv

  65. Cherokee gaming compact divides House

  66. Together NC's Rob Thompson on the House budget

  67. Public School Forum's Jo Ann Norris on HB 1104 - Corporate scholarship vouchers

  68. Funding for Planned Parenthood takes center stage in NC budget debate

  69. Senate Committee debates Excellent Schools Act

  70. Redistricting reform unlikely this year.wmv

  71. Wake Co. Superintendent Tony Tata - 2012 budget.wmv

  72. NC House advances bill to make annexations harder

  73. NC NAACP: Fully fund public schools, not voucher 'schemes'

  74. Citizens United Lobby Day

  75. House committee advances bill to compensate NC eugenics victims

  76. House Minority Leader Joe Hackney - GOP cuts moving NC backwards

  77. Rep. Patsy Keever on state budget talks

  78. Common Cause NC's Bob Phillips on the continued push for Voter ID

  79. Pots & Spoons protest greets returning NC legislators

  80. Charmaine Fuller Cooper on eugenics compensation and budget cuts

  81. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at UNC-CH graduation.wmv

  82. Gov. Perdue on restoring funding for higher education

  83. NC Council of Churches' George Reed on Amendment One

  84. Highlights and Lowlights of NC Policy and Politics - April 2012

  85. Rep. Larry Hall on Amendment One.wmv

  86. Dr. June Atkinson on Amendment One and bullying

  87. NCSU Chancellor Randy Woodson on the impact of budget cuts

  88. President Obama on Stafford loans, Rep. Foxx's remarks

  89. Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx on Amendment One.wmv

  90. Joint Education Oversight Committee - April 19

  91. Kay Hagan on Amendment One.wmv

  92. Tax Inequality protest - Raleigh, NC

  93. Pam Spaulding on Amendment One

  94. EDF's Jane Preyer on fracking in NC

  95. Pat McCrory on federal EduJobs funds.wmv

  96. Triad superintendents detail impact of budget cuts

  97. Superintendents detail damage caused by NC budget cuts

  98. New Hanover Commissioners admonished for rejecting grant

  99. UNC President Emeritus Bill Friday on skyrocketing tuition.wmv