1. Dancer car dancing

  2. Foster kitten's final playtime (before going back to the sh

  3. Kitten and puppy playtime!

  4. Kittens' playtime!

  5. Foster kittens play with feathers

  6. Foster kittens at play

  7. Wayne Pacelle's book tour talk

  8. Foie Gras talk at Farm Sanctuary

  9. Farm Sanctuary California visit

  10. Lame Rowell rodeo abuses animals

  11. Denise's interview at 6 Flags

  12. 6 Flags demo june 09

  13. Mura the English spaniel's new home in America

  14. Sickening stuffed tiger above salad bar at truckstop

  15. Tiger truckstop disgrace

  16. Elephants sway at Oakland zoo

  17. Oakland zoo giraffes in barren enclosure

  18. Oakland zoo gives elephants a so-so habitat

  19. Tava's Sad Elephant Performance at 6 Flags

  20. Lousy habitat for elephants at 6 Flags

  21. 6 Flags mutilates flamingos

  22. Kitty City, Best Friends Sanctuary

  23. Best Friends Dog Town

  24. Arriving at Best Friends Sanctuary, Utah

  25. The Big Cats of Circus Roma Have No Life

  26. Poor elephant stuck at Circus Roma in Spain

  27. The Baboon, Elephant and Camels of Circus Roma

  28. Paris Fireworks Bastille Day 2008

  29. Elephant Kiss from baby Tong Jan

  30. Elephants: View from my balcony at the park

  31. Feeding time at the Elephant Nature Park

  32. Elephants: Feeding Medo and Max at the Elephant Nature Park

  33. Elephants: Bathing "Jungle Boy" at the Elephant Nature Park