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  2. Happy Cows Help Save the Planet: Climate Smart Agriculture in Costa Rica

  3. World Could Be 4 Degrees Hotter By End of This Century

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  14. Climate-Smart Agriculture: Helping the World Produce More Food

  15. Lighting Africa- World Bank & IFC - Modern Off-Grid Lighting

  16. Men and women work together in beekeeping - Kenya

  17. Clean Energy Saving and Brightening Lives In Mali

  18. Change in Climate Unnerves Millions of European Farmers

  19. Sun Creates Power and Jobs in the Arab World

  20. Women Changing Gears to Cassava in Kenya

  21. Ethiopia: Humbo Forest Reclamation Project

  22. Egypt Looks to Sun for Power

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  25. Taking Action on Climate Change

  26. Climate Change-A Development Challenge For Africa

  27. Taking Action on Climate Change in Africa

  28. L'ONU, la Banque mondiale et le FMI réunis pour appeler à la lutte contre le changement climatique

  29. Protecting Indonesia's Coral Reefs