1. Small Compound Subwoofer from 2 5.5 inch woofers

  2. Road legal ride 1972 toyota carina

  3. Toyota Carina ta12 first meters

  4. Carina ta12 with exhaust. First movements :D

  5. Tuned 2TB with mikunis in Toyota TA12 first start

  6. Cable and rod operated twin mikuni solex carbs

  7. 2TB with mikunis installed in Carina TA12

  8. Slamming bootlid carina ta12 after restauration

  9. Wet sanding with 500 grid of 2 pack epoxy. Smooth result

  10. 4G63 NA in CS9W lancer wagon, 100000km, new synth oil and Iridium plugs (LPG runner)

  11. Toyota 2T-B engine flywheel lightened and balanced

  12. 2E-FE drive

  13. DIY Tonearm with carbonfibre armtube, Benz Micro MC cart

  14. Machinal polishing of classic car INOX linings.

  15. 7-ties classic car radio with FM stereo and aux in/out

  16. My 3rd Toyota 2T engine pulled out of a shed

  17. 1972 Carina body welding

  18. 2T-G adapterplate for toyota 2T engine

  19. Lathing Velocity stacks Mikuni Solex carb

  20. toyota carina TA12 electronic ignition test

  21. 2E-FE driving

  22. 2E-FE wobling in silent blocks :-D

  23. DC floppy motor instead of an AC motor

  24. 1989 Toyota Starlet EP71 home built 2E-FE first start on fuel

  25. Toyota 2E-FE first firing up

  26. CDM0and1.AVI

  27. CDM1.AVI

  28. Starlet EP70 acceleration!!!

  29. Toyota Starlet EP70 1.0 1987

  30. Paint stripping

  31. Eterna Sonic runs again after many years

  32. Rebuilt 2T-B engine tested

  33. Rebuilt 1971 Toyota 2T-B engine: start test

  34. Custom throttle linkage dual sidedraft carbs

  35. Toyota 2T-B engine rebuilt

  36. My first circuit ride: Porsche 911 GT3 on Zandvoort

  37. Co-driving with Renault Clio 200HP in full race trim on Zandvoort

  38. Toyota Carina TA12 body rollin' in diy wood/steel rotisserie

  39. Interference test

  40. Toyota 2T engine rebuild.

  41. Short daydrive with new front shocks

  42. TA-N7B

  43. 2T start up tryout, ignition disaligned :-D

  44. 1983 Philips CD300 on all diy setup

  45. Tachometer

  46. AIR FUEL meter testing

  47. AIR-FUEL ratio meter on narrow O2 sensor '89 Starlet

  48. Toyota 2E(E) head flow job

  49. Tuxmath on Ubuntu 8.04

  50. Ubuntu 8.04 on P5E3-Intel9550-4GigDDR3-Nvidia8600GT

  51. '89 Starlet EP71 nightdrive