1. "Monk" Theme Tutorial

  2. Song for Nathaniel (Take 2)

  3. Staci Carriere Performs at The Building, Nashville, TN, 7/20/2012

  4. Nutty Professor PressCon Pt3

  5. Nutty Professor PressCon Pt2

  6. Nutty Professor PressCon 7-11-2012, Pt. 1

  7. Being Alive--Sondheim (Piano: Martin Brady)

  8. "Monk" Theme

  9. Proto

  10. Beastie Smoov (Take 2)

  11. Todd Rundgren's "Pretending to Care"--Piano by Martin Brady

  12. "A Child's Christmas Waltz"

  13. Robin's Super-Fantastic Tennis Day at Sevier Park

  14. La Vie en Rose--Cabaret Francais Fantastique

  15. "La Chanson de Jacky"--Sung by David Kinnard

  16. "Capuccino" at Cabaret Francais Fantastique, 10/16/2011

  17. Audrey Belle at Cabaret Francais Fantastique, 10/16/2011

  18. You Left Me Sore (Rundgren)

  19. Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel--Written by Todd Rundgren/Piano cover by M. Brady

  20. Parallel Lines/Todd Rundgren--Piano by M. Brady

  21. Cabaret Francais Fantastique

  22. Todd Rundgren's Saving Grace--M. Brady, piano

  23. All the Children Sing--Rundgren/M. Brady, keyboards

  24. "Gifts of Peace and Love"--Martin Brady

  25. "I Love My New Truck"--Martin Brady

  26. "Too Far Gone"--Written by Todd Rundgren

  27. Be Nice to Me--Written by Todd Rundgren/Piano by M. Brady

  28. Marlene--Written by Todd Rundgren

  29. Fidelity--Written by Todd Rundgren/M. Brady, piano

  30. Compassion—Written by Todd Rundgren/M. Brady, piano

  31. You Are My Window--Composed by Todd Rundgren, recorded w/Nazz

  32. I Don't Want to Tie You Down--Rundgren

  33. The Ballad (Denny and Jean)--Rundgren

  34. Remember Me--Rundgren

  35. Long Flowing Robe--Rundgren

  36. Does Anybody Love You--Rundgren from AWATS

  37. Cold Morning Light--Written by Todd Rundgren

  38. Take the Hand-Rundgren-Nazz

  39. John Buckley & His Handcrafted Guitar

  40. It's Not That Easy--Written by Todd Rundgren w/Nazz

  41. Love Is the Answer--Todd Rundgren

  42. Wait for Me (Hall & Oates cover)

  43. Lucky Guy by Todd Rundgren

  44. Useless Begging by Todd Rundgren

  45. Izzat Love by Todd Rundgren

  46. Believe in Me by Todd Rundgren

  47. Torch Song--Todd Rundgren

  48. Can We Still Be Friends--Todd Rundgren

  49. Bag Lady--Todd Rundgren

  50. "Dr. Wu"--Steely Dan

  51. Todd Rundgren's "A Dream Goes on Forever"

  52. "Same Situation"--Joni Mitchell

  53. Todd Rundgren's "Wailing Wall"

  54. Memory Box 2009

  55. Jeff Obafemi Carr on Amun Ra Theatre rooftop, Pt. 2

  56. Jeff Obafemi Carr on Amun Ra Theatre rooftop, Pt. 1

  57. Two Guys Playing Pool #1(Part 2)

  58. Two Guys Playing Pool #1 (Part 1)

  59. VinettPicks.com 2009 SEC Football Preview, Pt. 2

  60. VinettPicks.com 2009 SEC Football Preview, Pt. 1

  61. "Starina"--An Original Instrumental

  62. Sports Talk #2 247.tv/"AFC South 2009: Titans or Colts?"

  63. Sports Talk #1 247.tv/"To Favre or Not to Favre"

  64. Martin Brady plays "You Took Advantage of Me"

  65. Stacey Shaffer-Bishop sings "Everybody's Girl"/Martin Brady on piano

  66. "So It's Spring" w/ overture to the cabaret "Being Alive"--Stacey Shaffer-Bishop and Martin Brady

  67. Stacey Shaffer-Bishop & Martin Brady/"Making Love Alone"

  68. Stacey Shaffer-Bishop & Martin Brady at Bongo After Hours Theatre, Nashville, 4-30-09

  69. From Tubac to Tucson