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Revealing Movie Mistakes: Jurassic Park

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Uploaded on Jan 26, 2010

Big Time Movie with Big Time Money and Big Time Goofs.
If you have seen this movie before, bet you didn't notice half of the goofs this multimillion dollar film contains.

I used Jurassic Park for it was such a huge success and one of my favorite movies of all time.

**You may need to pause the video to completely absorb the audacity involved**

Scene 1: The Amazing Triple-Wide
Scene 2: The San Jose Fiasco
Scene 3: Superman John Hammond
Scene 4: Dinner Etiquette
Scene 5: Pre-Recorded
Scene 6: Nedry, the Magician
Scene 7: More Magic Tricks
Scene 8: Malpractice
Scene 9: Divine Intervention
Scene 10: .......

*Some other goofs in this video not mentioned in the video:

Scene 1: The trailer door handle is on the left from the outside, but once inside the trailer, the door handle is on the right.
Scene 1: Obvious fan prop violently blowing the towels when Dr. Grant runs up to the trailer, yet the bushes right below do not even budge.
Scene 4: Look very closely and you can see a hand moving the bushes during the Raptor/bull scene.
Scene 6: Some of the names of the dinosaur DNA samples are mispelled.
Scene 7: When the T-Rex goes to eat Genero, it's obvious the sound the T-Rex makes is from a Elephant.
Scene 7: Even if the ground inside the T-Rex paddock was 100 feet below in regards to outside the paddock where the jeeps were sitting, it would be impossible for the T-Rex to look over much less get out of its paddock. The T-Rex only stands 30-35 feet tall.
Scene 9: You see the electrocuted Timmy arriving at the cafeteria to a giant smorgasbord of food. Note: this is at least 24 hours after they arrived. When they did arrive, there were no staff left in park except for a few gatekeepers, scientists and the main group you see in the movie. First, who made all of this food and why? Second, the food has been sitting there for at least 24 hours untouched and unspoiled while Timmy digs in as if it was made in the last 15 minutes.
Scene 10: Same scenerio as above, the Ice Cream Ellie eats is still perfectly firm/unmelted after sitting out for a day?

**More goofs in the film not completely shown in this video:

-Genero escapes from the SUV Timmy and Lex are in, leaving the drivers side door wide open. When watching the same scene of the T-Rex escaping from its paddock from the point of view of Dr. Grant/Malcolm within the their SUV, it's dead obvious the drivers side door is closed on the SUV Lex & Timmy are in. When the T-Rex comes back to attack Timmy and Lex in the SUV, Timmy reaches over to shut the drivers side door.

-As the power is about to be turned back on in the scene where Dr. Grant, Lex and Timmy are climbing the electric fence; right before Timmy is about to be electrocuted, there is a completely obvious open space 20 feet away from where they were climbing where there is no fence at all. Dr. Grant, Lex and Timmy could have simply walked through the bushes and around the electric fence.

-The entire plot of the film revolves around extinct dinosaurs that are re-created from DNA that was extracted from mosquitos (trapped in tree sap) that fed on the blood of dinosaurs. So how in the hell are there re-created extinct plants throughout the park?(according to Dr. Sattler in the film)... Plants don't have blood and mosquitos don't suck on plants.

-When Nedry gets his Jeep stuck and falls down the small waterfall, its obvious the perfectly made slide for him. ( why would there be a man made storm drain in the middle of nowhere, especially if there is already a natural waterfall there) Later, when Nedry climbs back up the same waterfall to his Jeep, the slide in which he fell down has completely vanished.

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