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Game of Thrones Parody of Frozen's "Let It Go"

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Published on Apr 16, 2014

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Written/Directed/Edited by Julian Higgins (@julianhiggins)



Music Produced, Arranged and Recorded by Colin Thomson (http://www.youtube.com/colinpthomson)
Parody of Frozen's "Let it Go," composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Katie Wilson as Daenerys Targaryen (http://youtube.com/legendofkatie)
Kevin Brooks as Jon Snow (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2426765/)
Amy Vorpahl as King Joffrey (http://youtube.com/thenobleamy & @vorpahlsword)

Matt Kessler - Littlefinger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4086762/)
Brianna Hurley - Margaery Tyrell (http://www.briannahurley.com)
Lila Roux - Cersei Lannister (http://lilaroux.tumblr.com)

Producers - Matthew Arevalo, Chris Davis, Zack Finfrock & Julian Higgins

Director of Photography - Pierce Cook
Drone Pilot - Jessar Nygard
Production Designer - Melissa Lyon
Fletcher - Paul Bianchi
Hair And Make-up - Brittany Kane
Costumes - Katie Elhoffer (@elhofferdesign) and Brian Finifter
Music Supervisor - Dan Martinez
Production Assistant - Tim Van De Walker

VFX Artists - Raphael Rogers, Alessandro Schiassi
Dragon Sequences - http://www.goma.pro

Special Thanks - Nick Harris, Branwyne, Chris Crutchfield


WESTEROS (Parody of "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen)
Draft Two
Written by Julian Higgins

The flames burn bright in the desert tonight.
The Unsullied are now free.
A battle of blood and fire.
I'm their mother, and their queen.

This Stormborn wind will sweep imposters all aside
The throne is stolen, I'll reclaim what's mine

It's time to fight, it's time to lead
Show the Kindgoms the queen they've never seen
Soaring, climbing, my dragons grow
And soon they'll know.

Westeros, Westeros
Prepare your Iron Throne
Westeros, Westeros
Targaryen rules once more.

The rightful queen
will make them pay.
Let the winter come.
The mother of dragons is here to stay

It's clear now she's behind me.
Love never conquers all.
And the oath that once escaped me
Brings me right back to The Wall

It's time to stand and to stay true
To keep the North from breaking through
No run and hide, Night's Watch for me
She'll see.

Westeros, Westeros
I'm the watcher on the wall.
Westeros, Westeros
For this night and for all.

Here I'll live
And here I'll die
Let the winter come.

They're talking to a KING! I'll put them in the ground.
Give me their heads, their tongues,
their rotten guts spread all around.
I've won the war, the throne, and I made Stannis fry.
I am the one true King.
All hail or all will die!  (Right, mother?)

Westeros, Westeros
(I am the watcher on the walls)
[Make them DIE.]

My time to strike is now.
(The fire that burns against the cold)
[Make them PAY]

Westeros, Westeros
(The light brings forth the dawn)
[Spray their BLOOD]

Burn cities to the ground.
(For this night and all nights to come)
[Wedding DAY]

Here I stand!
And here I'll stay!
Let the winter come,
The throne never bothered me anyway


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Description: Daenerys, Jon Snow and King Joffrey sing their parody of Disney's "Frozen - Let It Go"!

Tumblr: http://lootcrate.tumblr.com
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