1. (Thank The Lord For) CollegeBoard - Music Video

  2. Gallifrey Falls No More (Original Trock Song)

  3. We Are Heroes (Original Song - Pacific Rim)

  4. Dreaming Of Comic-Con (Original Song)


  6. Diane's Lament (A Twin Peaks Fansong)

  7. I'm (Not) Sorry For Homestuck - Original Song

  8. Make A Contract (Kyubey's Song) / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  9. New Album "Obsessive" Now On iTunes & Bandcamp!

  10. Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)

  11. I'm Still Human (Oswin's Song) - Trock

  12. The Town of Gravity Falls (Original Song)

  13. He's A Teen Wolf (Original Song) + VidCon Announcements

  14. Everything Is Better With Shipping (Original Song)

  15. An Ode to Tom Hiddleston (Original Song)

  16. Hey, What's Going On?

  17. Obsessive (Original Song)

  18. The Fall (A Sherlock Finale Song)

  19. Shit Homestuck Fans Say

  20. Let Me Tell You About Homestuck (Original Song)

  21. Announcements, Announcements! (Songs on sale!)

  22. Flushed For You (A Homestuck Love Song)

  23. Time's Gone Wrong (The Wedding Of River Song Trock Recap - Doctor Who)

  24. Monsters Are Real (Doctor Who Trock Song)

  25. Amy Pond's Lament (Doctor Who Trock Song)

  26. The Gallifreyan Pick-up Lines Song (Doctor Who Trock)

  27. Rory's Song (Trock - Doctor Who)

  28. The Hiatus Song

  29. Every Katy Perry Song Uses The Same Chords

  30. Amy's Daughter (A Trock Song - Doctor Who)

  31. Welcome, One and All!

  32. His Name Is Castiel (Original Song)

  33. Say Hello (A Doctor/TARDIS Trock Song)

  34. The River Song (A Trock Song)

  35. Look Behind You (Trock)

  36. Meta Madness

  37. Doctor Who Series 6 (A Song)

  38. Jewnicorns in Love

  39. The J2 Song

  40. Come Back Jack

  41. The Last Dalek in the Universe (A Trock Song)

  42. Bed Intruder Song Ukulele Cover

  43. Oh, Supernatural

  44. Questions!

  45. A Love Song (Sherlock)

  46. Welcome!

  47. Don't Unplug Me Ukulele Cover