1. 【1080P】120428 FTISLAND - Severely& I Hope

  2. 【1080P】120428 2AM- I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

  3. 【1080P】120428 MBLAQ- This Is War

  4. 【1080P】120428 Boyfriend - I'll Be There

  5. 【1080P】120428 SHINee- SORRY SORRY @Special Stage

  6. 【1080P】120428 Miss A -Tell Me @Special Stage

  7. 【1080P】120428 Taemin(SHINee)&IU -Gee& Juliette& Hello @Special Stage

  8. 【1080P】120428 4Minute- Heart To Heart& Mirror Mirror

  9. 【1080P】120428 SISTAR- How Dare You & Ma Boy

  10. 【1080P】120428 TEEN TOP-Crazy (Remix Ver.)

  11. 【1080P】120428 Miss A -Touch

  12. 【1080P】120428 After School -Bangkok City& DIVA

  13. 【1080P】120428 T-ara - Roly Poly

  14. 【1080P】120428 INFINITE- Intro& Be Mine

  15. 【1080P】120428 Secret- Love Is MOVE

  16. 【1080P】120428 IU - YOU & I

  17. 【中韓字】 Girl's Day(걸스데이)- Oh! My God MV

  18. 【1080P】120414 SHINee-Stranger &Sherlock (Clue + Note)

  19. 【1080P】120414 Sistar- Alone& Ma Boy

  20. 【1080P】120414 SHINHWA- Hurts + Venus

  21. 【1080P】120414 4Minute-Volume Up & Mirror Mirror

  22. 【中韓字】 Sistar (씨스타)- Alone MV

  23. 【中韓字】4minute(포미닛)- Volume Up MV

  24. 【1080P】120409 SNSD- Genie

  25. 【1080P】120409 All Artist (SJ,SNSD,SHINee..)- Hope

  26. 【1080P】120409 SNSD- GEE

  27. 【1080P】120409 SNSD- Kissing You

  28. 【1080P】120409 SNSD- My Child

  29. 【1080P】120409 SNSD- Run Devil Run

  30. 【1080P】120409 BoA- My Name

  31. 【1080P】120409 BoA- Hurricane Venus

  32. 【1080P】120409 f(x) -Danger

  33. 【1080P】120409 f(x) -La Cha Ta

  34. 【中日字】INFINITE- Be Mine MV (Jap Ver.)

  35. 【中日字】IU (아이유)- Good Day MV (Jap Ver.)